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Colorful Fall Bay Pointe Woods Wedding The energy to begin the day was filled with organization and readiness. That’s the best way I can describe it because Abbie had every detail planned to perfection while Sean was eager to make it all happen for them. The combination was ideal, especially with the looming possibility of […]

Lakeside Fall Bay Pointe Inn Wedding When the rain made its appearance on Alex and Matt’s Bay Pointe Inn wedding day, they were all smiles. Some of it was due to the extremely positive attitudes of their wedding party who ensured that the couple never stopped laughing, some of it was due to the perfect-looking […]

Bay Pointe Woods Wedding Colorful, Fall Wedding near Grand Rapids, Michigan There was something in the air last weekend that had me hyped up. Could have been the colorful wedding party attire, could have been when I found out Chris has a custom green suit, or when I saw the gorgeous lace detail on Laura’s […]

South Haven Creations Wedding South Haven, Michigan October weather came hitting in full swing for Alyssa and Joe’s wedding day and while the day could have gone a million different ways, it was always going to be absolutely amazing because of these two! Their smiles were so abundant and really reverberated to and from everyone […]

The Lit GR | Downtown Grand Rapids Wedding When it comes to wedding destinations, Grand Rapids, Michigan, might not be the first place that comes to mind for many couples. However, those who have experienced a wedding day in this charming city know that it offers a unique blend of modern sophistication and historic beauty. […]

Crystal Mountain Michigan Wedding I seriously love watching the way couples interact with one another. When they just know each other so well that they involuntarily both do a little nose scrunch simultaneously or aren’t afraid of getting a little goofy with one another. I mean, I can pose a couple all day but that […]

City View Studio D2D Downtown Grand Rapids Michigan Wedding Zealous, excitement, tears of joy, giddiness, blissful, gleeful, euphoric, happiness… does that describe Lexy & Will enough? I’m not sure I’ve ever met a couple more ready to be married, not just have a wedding day. Will looks at Lexy as though she is his whole […]

Bay Pointe Inn Wedding Of the many things I loved learning about Chloe and Tommy on their wedding day, my favorite was hearing about Chloe sharing her love of Italy with her family and Tommy. Tommy then made Italy even more special by proposing at Lake Como. I loved learning how Tommy knew almost immediately […]

Downtown Grand Rapids Wedding Catholic Ceremony at Basilica of Saint Adalbert with Industrial Reception at The Goei Center Get ready to dive into the magic of Annie & Zach’s fabulous Downtown Grand Rapids Wedding! Picture this: the Basilica’s high ceilings and stunning stained glass windows blending with the modern vibes of downtown Grand Rapids, all […]

Etre Farms Wedding Saint Joseph Michigan Wedding days have so much more meaning than I think people realize. It’s not just about the day, it’s about every day before right now and every day after today. I love hearing the ways a couple met and their first impressions of one another, it really gives us […]