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Bay Pointe Inn Wedding | Chloe & Tommy

Bay Pointe Inn Wedding

Of the many things I loved learning about Chloe and Tommy on their wedding day, my favorite was hearing about Chloe sharing her love of Italy with her family and Tommy. Tommy then made Italy even more special by proposing at Lake Como. I loved learning how Tommy knew almost immediately that Chloe was the one. I loved learning that Chloe might have taken her time in the beginning, just being a friend to Tommy, but when she committed, she was all in. Finally, I loved learning that their wedding day is also their 6th anniversary together. These two truly are the best of the best and I cannot wait to show you all more of Chloe and Tommy’s Bay Pointe Inn wedding day!

As I began the day in the Oliver Cottage at Bay Pointe Woods, I found the cottage teaming with bridesmaids, groomsmen, the couple in there somewhere, hairspray flying, groomsmen laughing, all the things and all at once. I started to photograph the couple’s details, Tommy’s watch, Chloe’s bracelet, their invitations, and their rings, and I took a little bit of extra time to capture their details because everything was just so pretty.

When it came time to get dressed, Tommy in his suit and Chloe in her wedding dress, it felt like the anticipation was almost too much for either of them to bear. They rarely had gone this long without seeing one another and on such a big day, you could begin to see the tension in their shoulders as they got closer to the First Look.

Right there outside of the cottage, they saw each other for the first time. I heard later that Tommy doesn’t cry much but he couldn’t hold it back when he turned around to see Chloe in all of her beauty. She literally took his breath away. It was during that time that I realized the rest of the day would fly by smoothly as long as they were with one another. They laughed, cried, shared their excitement, and read private vows to one another.

After their first look, we moved over to Bay Pointe Inn where I could capture portraits of them, their wedding party, and immediate family photos before their ceremony. It was a truly beautiful day at Bay Pointe Inn and the guests began to arrive with many clad in color and patterns. This is something I hope sticks around for guests in general because it brought so much life to an already gorgeous landscape.

With a new wave of excitement, Tommy and Chloe made their way up the aisle with their guests watching on. The two shared the same sentiment, they looked at the other as their home, their rock, their love, and their excitement for the adventures of life ahead. You could tell their guests were hanging on to every word spoken and the cheering once they finally kissed was unmatched.

From there, the day did begin to feel like a whirlwind of hugs, dancing, drinks, and laughter as everyone got to have their chance to say hello and congratulate Chloe & Tommy. I’m not sure the dance floor ever dwindled down until their boat exit at the end of the night but that’s the best kind of dancing. ‘Mama Mia’ was played and Chloe had all of her ladies out there with her. At one point, Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ came on and Tommy, with the most impeccable timing, reached Chloe on the dance floor to show off just how he proposed to her at Lake Como in sync with Taylor’s singing. It was a day made for fun and I loved photographing every second of it.

Please join me in congratulating these two and I hope you two love these previews until I deliver your full wedding gallery!!

Vendor List

Venue | Bay Pointe Inn

Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

Day of Coordinator | Danielle Stolzenfeld

Makeup | Kosmetics by Katie

Hair | CRC Bridal Beauty

DJ | Ace Wedding DJ’s

2nd Photographer | Nicole Yeager Photography

Wedding Dress | Here Comes The Bride

Engagement ring | Preusser Jewelers

Gourmet Sweets LLC – Cake Drops

Suit | Woodland Tailoring

Invitations | The Knot


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