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Hi! I'm Stephanie

The Extra Tall Woman Behind the Camera

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The Extra Tall Woman Behind the Camera

Hi! I'm Stephanie

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It wasn't until I tore my ACL the beginning of my junior year playing basketball that everything changed. That's when I signed up for to be on the Yearbook committee in high school. It was the first time I ever looked outside of a very narrow box of focus and stepped into something fun and completely different. 

Somehow, that same year, I won an award for Best Sports Photo in the US and little did I know that pursuing photography in college would lead me to the best job ever because my life changed yet again in 2011.

Enter the First Wedding I ever photographed in 2011 for a college roommate who I still don’t know how to thank properly for handing me a path to my future. 

Forward 7 years full time and over 100 or so weddings later, you could say I’m hooked and in love with love. Now, I get to spend my weekends capturing one of the brightest days of a couple’s lives together and it’s simply the best!

My journey in wedding photography isn't your typical story. It all started as a teeny weeny little (but not so little because I was already 5'10) 8th Grader on my first trip to Alaska,.

I went through 20 rolls of film in that one, 3-week period of time while we traveled all over the lower parts of Alaska. I couldn't stop trying to capture everything! I even had to to buy more film while there!

I NEVER grew up thinking I would be a photographer and this trip made me think that I "maybe-sorta-kinda-liked" photography.

However, even though I had found something I really loved doing, I didn't pick a camera for another 3 years because I played several sports like basketball & volleyball, I was in marching band, and was working hard for good grades. Oh, and I never in a million years thought I could ever actually have a fun career. Truthfully.


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trips to alaska


trips to alaska


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All of the business day-to-day tasks like emails and scheduling and giving you as much knowledge as my brain can dump out are all with the purpose of giving you the best day ever. I truly believe that my interactions and experiences that I give my couples are a special opportunity to give you memories that you’ll never forget! There is no greater feeling than seeing my work bring my couples and their loved ones to tears! I leave a wedding days with big hugs, kisses on the cheeks, and a full heart knowing that I forever impacted one couple who brought everyone together!

So, why do I feel like I thrive on a high stake wedding day? It’s not just about loving to capture beautiful images because if that was the case, I probably would photograph something other than people. However, it’s always been about the people. People over pictures-always! What it comes down to is capturing memories from one of the brightest days of your life, it’s not about me, it’s about you, and everyone that come together to celebrate. 

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What it Means to Be an Inclusive Wedding Photographer

Here at Stephanie Parshall Photography, not only do I but also any second photographer I hire and work with, will happily photograph your love as long as it's between two consenting adults because to me, your race, skin tone, culture, religion, or sexual identity does not mean your love shouldn't be beautifully captured and celebrated. I'm here to capture your love, joy, laughter, and togetherness with those you love and who love you most. I would be beyond honored to capture your love. I would be beyond honored to capture your love!

This might seem like a simple statement but I’ve come to the realization that keeping my thoughts to myself won't let couples know where I stand. So yes, while I recognize what you see here on my website has a lack of diversity for now, I will continue to learn, grow, and ideally photograph as many couples as I can because I would be happy to work with anyone in love!

The Dream Locations

These are the BIG wishes and hopes for the future!

Within the United States
Alaska, California, Arizona, North Carolina (again), Wyoming, Oregon (again), and Hawaii

Outside of the US
Italy, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, and Scotland

because you just need to let a wedding photographer dream ok? ok.