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Today we will be discussing How to Prep Your Bridal Suite / Getting Ready Room because this is where your big day begins.

Did you know that one of the biggest searches on Google for weddings was “where to elope in Michigan” and “Best Places to Elope in Michigan”? But why? While elopements used to be the way couples would get married if their parents or family didn’t approve of the marriage, or didn’t want to tell anyone, […]

You need to know who to hire for your wedding. So, what is the difference between a wedding planner, event coordinator and venue coordinator?

Whether you’re a bride, mother of the bride, maid of honor, or bridesmaid, check out my tips for throwing the ultimate bridal shower!

When you are going through the process of finding your Wedding Photographer, you’ll be looking at setting up a Wedding Photography Consultation. BUT there might be a little dilemma and that comes with trying to figure out who is the perfect fit for you. Who has the best style, who has the best pricing for […]

In the never ending process of making my photo client’s lives easier, I’ve upgraded systems! This blog is an instructional guide for my online photo gallery

This list of wedding day emergency kit/essentials will prepare you for the worst, for stuff you didn’t even think you needed!

The honeymoon is definitely different for each couple, but hopefully these 5 tips for planning your honeymoon help you get started!

I will photography any LGTBQ+ couple and any couple of any race because Love is Love. I want to be more proactive about LGBTQ+ Wedding Inclusivity.

Your wedding shoes are going to be worn for a whole day and because this day is so special, we’ve got to make the shoes special right?

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