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Etre Farms Wedding | Allie & Rob

Etre Farms Wedding

Saint Joseph Michigan

Wedding days have so much more meaning than I think people realize. It’s not just about the day, it’s about every day before right now and every day after today. I love hearing the ways a couple met and their first impressions of one another, it really gives us insight into their history together. I also love when those impressions are put into their vows especially when they didn’t discuss writing them beforehand. The wedding day itself gives you the best insight into where they are right now and where they’ll be in the future. Allie and Rob’s Être Farms Wedding day came together in a way that allowed for beautiful, thoughtfully planned-out details to showcase the laughter, joy, and awesome dance floor that would take over as their day went on! I can’t wait to see their future together!

As I began the day and took in the grandness of Etre Farms, I was able to greet Rob and Allie separately before starting to photograph their details. Each expressed jitters but not out of nerves, out of excitement. Each smiled as they chatted with their wedding parties and each felt ready to get the party itself started!

As Allie and Rob shared a First Touch where each spoke about how their day had gone thus far, you could see that they needed that moment. Rob had especially wanted to wait to see her until she was walking down the aisle but Allie needed this moment to ground herself. I loved capturing that particular time of the day because it was a little serene moment without anyone else there.

As the time drew for their ceremony, Allie’s dad gave her a little forehead kiss and Rob’s eyes had already started welling up with tears before he could even see Allie. This is what I think all couples dream about for their wedding day. Their vows, like I have already mentioned included how they met and what they look forward to in the future.

In what felt like the blink of an eye, they were kissing and walking down the aisle! This was when the real party of the day started as the couple got photos with loved ones and their wedding party before coming down the staircase at Etre Farms for their Grand Entrance, cake cutting, and first dance! It kept the excitement of the crowd high until things settled for beautiful toasts made by Rob’s brother, Allie’s sister, and Rob’s father who playfully teased that while he loved Allie, she hadn’t mastered her British accent quite yet.

As Allie danced with her father, I could tell the crowd was stirring to get their own dance moves going. After that dance, it was time to head upstairs and allow Richard of Michaels Entertainment to keep the crowd going for what I’m sure was a truly amazing blur of happiness, glow sticks, and awesome music!

Please join me in congratulating the happy couple and enjoy these previews of their Etre Farms wedding day!

Venue | Etre Farms

Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

Florals | Elliana (from Etre Farms)

DJ & Videography | Michaels Entertainment

Hair | Ali Lopez & Stacey Powell

Makeup | Jenny Daubenmeyer

Wedding Dress | The Wedding Shoppe

2nd Photographer | Nicole Yeager Photography

Engagement + Wedding Rings | Harris Gems

Cake | Baked by Lacey B

Tux | The Tux Shoppe on Woodward

Invitations | Zola

Officiant | Michael Bolus


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