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Wedding Wednesday | Which Wedding Shoes Are For You?

Let’s talk shoes! Wedding shoes can be something that somehow causes more stress than you might be prepared for. Your wedding shoes are going to be worn for a whole day and because this day is so special, we’ve got to make the shoes special right? So, which wedding shoes are for you?

There is no right or wrong answer for what bridal shoes you’ll wear, but I do have my favorites (duh!).

I am going to link all of the photos below with the company’s website so you can find exactly what you’re looking for! I’m also including a link to my favorite wedding hack so you can enjoy those shoes without slipping into the grass!


First up, the classic heel! Now, there are a few different types of heels so let’s start with those nice tall, stilettos heels! These are the classic wedding shoe type that you have seen adorned all over magazine, blogs, forums, everywhere! Stilettos are a classic and do wonders for elongating your legs! I’m including my favorite types to give you inspiration! One of my favorite places for Stilettos is Badgley Mischka!

My bonus for you today is my trick to making sure that if you do choose a heel and don’t want it to sink into the grass, then you should get these plastic heel covers! They can be found on Amazon or on Heel Protectors. Get a pair for yourself or buy them in bulk for your guests or bridal party!

Small heels

Not feeling a high stiletto? Not a problem! Here are my favorite low heels that look just as pretty!

Small heels are definitely easier to walk in than those tall stilettos and still add some length to your legs! With a lower heel, you could also look at a chunkier heel or a wedge is that makes you feel more secure if you’re walking a lot for your wedding day or if you find shoes that simply make you feel more comfortable this way. One of my favorite places for these shoes is Betsey Johnson Wedding Bridal Shoes!


Getting married in the summer? Sometimes a close-toed shoe just won’t work when Michigan has that mid-summer heat and humidity going on for your wedding day. In that case, I would highly recommend a pretty sandal as they’ll let your feet breathe while you dance the night away. These are perfect for outdoor ceremonies. A strappy pair of sandals give you a dainty, delicate look that can be perfect for beach weddings, but If you’re in a church, I might still recommend wearing a close-toed shoe for dress code purposes during your ceremony. I think a place like Nordstrom has several varieties to get you started!


If you’re just not a heel person at all and want close-toed wedding shoes, then this is for you! I think there’s a stereotype that flats can’t look good for a wedding day and that is a lie! There are so many options now for you to choose from! This blog by Bridal Musings will give you great inspiration!


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