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top 10 places to elope in michigan

Top 10 Places to Elope in Michigan

Did you know that one of the biggest searches on Google for weddings was “where to elope in Michigan” and “Best Places to Elope in Michigan”? But why? While elopements used to be the way couples would get married if their parents or family didn’t approve of the marriage, or didn’t want to tell anyone, that has honestly gone out the window. Wedding Traditions are meant to be updated and elopements were no exception.

But what has changed? YOU changed. Couples have grown since Covid-19 hit the United States, YOU decided to not give up on love. Most gatherings went down to a 10 person limit and couples just adapted. 

That means that couples were able to get more creative than ever in what they wanted for locations now that they weren’t confined to a wedding venue that would accommodate 100+ guests. So the real question came up, if you could go anywhere to get married, where would you go? 

As it turns out, Michigan’s summertime allows you to have beautiful, epic photos so you get to decide! And yes, I of course love to travel to photograph elopements so the world is your option!

This is also a bit of a celebration post because I just added my own Elopement Photography Packages on my website!!! Click Here to See it and perhaps I could photograph your elopement!

So..where can you elope in Michigan?

Here are a few of my favorite locations!

1. Sleeping Bear Dunes

How would it feel to get married roughly 200 ft above Lake Michigan in the sandy dunes? This might be the spot for you! Eloping on the dunes has gotten easier with less hiking and more views that are simply stunning. I recommend you go to Pyramid Point or Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive for the best views that allow you to drive there. But a short walk through the sands and we can easily find a place that will be perfect for you!

sleeping bear dunes elopement

2. Silver Lake Sand Dunes 

Located between Muskegon and Ludington, I would be lying if I said this hasn’t been on my dream list of locations for quite some time. It’s like being in your own world that’s unlike anywhere else in Michigan. Sandy dunes surrounding you, and if you want a place that allows you to also have fun renting a dune buggy, then elope at Silver Lake Sand Dunes! These are some of the reasons why Silver Lake Sand Dunes is in my Top 10 Places to Elope in Michigan!

3. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Oh, what a beautiful idea to elope in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. For the hikers and adventurous couples, I highly recommend eloping at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Be prepared for a hike of course but there’s truly no better place to elope in the Upper Peninsula. For these elopements, I recommend that you start in hiking gear and bring your wedding attire with you to change into. For places to find the best hiking spots with the best view, click here to see the shortest to longest hikes at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore to plan your perfect elopement location! And if you’re planning here, please consider hiring me because I would LOVE to photograph your elopement here!

4. Camp Blodgett

I’ve seen Camp Blodgett in person and you cannot overlook this location for your elopement in Michigan! On the lakeshore near Holland, Michigan during two business retreats with Stellaluna Events and Sweetwater Floral. Each time, as I looked out onto the lake, the porch, the feeling of exclusiveness to your own little piece of heaven for any elopement! It could be the perfect place for you to elope in Michigan!

5. Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island offers a variety of elopement locations like Mackinac Island State Park, Harbour View Inn, Wings of Mackinac (the butterfly conservatory), the Inn at Stonecliffe, and of course, The Grand Hotel. To me, this seems more like an overnight trip so I would plan on having your photographer there one day to capture your elopement and then the next day to enjoy your first day as newlyweds exploring the island! What feels more like a place to elope in Michigan than Mackinac Island?

6. Saugatuck

Just going along with the idea of your own little getaway, how could I not include one of the best bed and breakfast areas with a bonus one of the most friendly LBGTQ+ friendly wedding areas in all of Michigan? Yes, I did just suggest that you look into bed and breakfast elopement packages in Saugatuck, Michigan because it is seriously perfect right on the water, dunes close nearby, and so many cute Bed and Breakfast Inns that you can find the perfect spot for a weekend away! Click Here to find a place to stay while you’re in Saugatuck! On top of that, Saugatuck has been labeled one of the Top 21 LGBTQ Travel Destinations for 2021, actually, Saugatuck made the Top 10!!! Check that article here. So yes, this is the perfect spot to elope!

7. Belle Isle State Park

This island park is right on the Detroit River where you can have the city of Detroit as your backdrop or views of the conservatory all while being close to downtown for the best food! For this elopement, you will need to look into tickets for entry and there is a fee to have a photographer so you will need to look into that but it’s totally worth it!!!

8. Zingerman’s Cornman Farms

I have to admit, this venue has been on my bucket list of wedding/elopement venues I really want to photograph at! It features their gorgeous white farmhouse and they already have a specific section on their website about their elopement packages! Click Here to View it!

9. Torch Lake

A short drive from Traverse City and before you hit Petoskey lies Torch Lake. I recently found this article that gives you information about which bed and breakfasts or Inns that are offering elopement packages for Michigan! You can have the best of both worlds with Northern Michigan beauty and an intimate elopement making this one of the best places to elope in Michigan!

10. Any Downtown Area.

Yes, I realize this is really vague but downtown areas can honestly be just as beautiful that you might not have thought of. Seriously, Downtown Grand Rapids can be perfect to have a lot of photo background location options with the river, The Blue Bridge, and of course, a few hidden spots that I personally love to shoot at with any couple! For any time that you are eloping downtown at the courthouse, please refer to your photographer for specific photo locations and trust the process as they take you walking. We’ll find you the best spots, I promise!

That’s all of them! Did you find one of these places to elope in Michigan helpful? Perhaps you found your own spot? Did I miss anything? Please don’t hesitate to comment below!

Cheers & Happy Planning!


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