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Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit/Essentials

Wedding days can be hectic and there is always something, big or small, bound to go wrong with that many moving parts. I’ve been there, I’ve seen so much and I can safely tell you that you don’t need to stress as you think! Being prepared with your wedding day emergency kit/essentials ready to go is key for your big day.

Over the years, these are the main items that I’ve heard frantic bridesmaids or mothers looking for that you need. Or, they’re simply just the items that you wish you had. This list of wedding day emergency kit/essentials will prepare you for the worst, for stuff you didn’t even think you needed!

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The Tiny Essentials

Yes, these are the little items that might be the easiest to forget which is why they’re first!

1.DoubleSided Fashion Tape
Sometimes you need a little extra help keeping things all together. Double-sided fashion tape will be your best friend.

2. Sewing Kit
Unfortunately, little rips can happen last minute. Be prepared with a sewing kit! This will allow you to make little fixes on the parts of the clothing that everyone can see.

3. Safety Pins
Little rip on the inside of your clothing that no one can see? Safety pins are an easy, quick fix.

4. Advil
It is your big day and you are so happy, why would you have a headache? Possibly too much to drink? Dehydrated from being in the sun? Dealing with a pesky guests? Headaches can happen, but don’t let it stop the party!

5. Blotting Paper
Let me guess, you just spent tons of money on getting your make up done for you and your wedding party? But what do you do when it is just beyond hot outside? Keep your face looking fresh with blotting paper!

6. Eye Drops
Wedding days can be tiring and you’ve probably been crying so many tears of joy, but no one wants to look tired. Eye drops can keep you looking awake and alert! Also, they help in a pinch if you’re having an outdoor wedding and might have allergies.

7. Your Favorite Lip Gloss/Lipstick
Even if you hire a professional to do your makeup, you’ll still want to bring your favorite lip gloss/lipstick. Have this for your makeup artist and keep it around throughout the day to reapply! Don’t want to have smudged lipstick all day after the big kiss right?

8. Band Aids
This makes the tiny essentials list because you never know what will happen!

9. Crochet Hook

Seriously, do NOT underestimate these if you have any buttons on your wedding dress-trust me!

The Practical Essentials

Seriously, these are actually really practical that you might want to include in your own wedding day emergency kit/essentials.

1.Water Bottle
I know this seems obvious, but it’s easily forgotten. You need to hydrate before and on your big day! This is much easier to do when you have your water bottle ready. Helpful tip- have a straw too! This way you won’t mess up your makeup.

2. Snacks
Eating can sometimes be overlooked when so much is happening. Have a snack or two around and make sure your best person is not only making sure you’re hydrated, but fed too.

3. Sunscreen
Get this for everyone, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding. I have heard horror stories of the groom showing up incredibly red because he didn’t apply sunscreen earlier in the day when he went fishing. Avoid red, blotchy skin that will ruin photos and put on some sunscreen. And ladies, do this before makeup!

4. Bug Spray
This is another big one for outdoor weddings! As the sun goes down, the bugs come out.

5. Portable Clothing Steamer
You wouldn’t want anything to ruin your perfect appearance on your big day or in photos, especially not a pesky crease in your clothes. Steamers are a quick fix!

portable clothing steamer for  Wedding Day Emergency Kit/Essentials

6. Tide To-Go Stick
Accidents happen! No worries though. Keep a stain remover readily available for any accidents during makeup, eating, drinking, or whatever else!

7. Lint Roller
Again, keep your clothes looking fresh! Yes, this can be edited out of photos, however, it can’t be edited out of real life. Look your best and get rid of the lint.

8. Hair Spray
Like the lipstick, this is something you’re going to want to reapply throughout the day.

9. Phone Charger
You do not want your phone dying! Phones can be great way to document the day, used for music, or keeping in contact with any essential people.

phone charger for Wedding Day Emergency Kit/Essentials

10. Non-Drowsy Allergy Medication
Outdoor wedding folks, this is for you!

clanon-drowsy medication

The Extra Essentials

Because you just never know what you might need but maybe you might find some of these helpful!

1.Anti-Blister Balm
Often times, the shoes you wear on your wedding day are special for the wedding day, meaning they’ve never been worn before. Anti-blister balm helps you avoid blistering in shoes that haven’t been broken in yet.

2. Tampons / Pads
Better safe than sorry right?

3. Tissues
This is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, so it might include some happy tears! Avoid ruining your make up and have tissues nearby.

4. Boutonniere pins
Honestly, who would even think to have this? Pretty much no one, which is why they’re never around when everyone starts getting ready. Be the prepared one!

I personally recommend that you have a bag designated for all of these items, I love this one from Etsy

Hopefully, this list of wedding day emergency kit/essentials is helpful and for more helpful tips and tricks, check out the rest of my blogs! There are a few heartfelt stories of other couples as well that will get you excited for your big day!

If you think I’m missing anything, please comment below what I missed so I can add it on!


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