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Proposal | Nick & Nicole | Harry Potter World

Proposals can be spontaneous, but some take lots of planning for that special someone to have all of their special things incorporated into this big moment. So, as I look back on the last years’ worth of discussions with my brother, I knew that it was all worth it for this moment. Nick planned endlessly to make this moment happen, his Harry Potter World proposal to the girl of his dreams, Nicole.

Everything was planned from what to say, what to wear to buy the ring, and where he wanted to ask Nicole to marry him. It would happen at Harry Potter World at Island of Adventures at Universal Studios right next to Hogwarts Castle in Orlando, Florida. When you’ve got two geeky Harry Potter fans, what’s a better place? I love that he incorporated something so special to them into his proposal!

If you know my brother at all, you know that he can sometimes let his engineering mind take over, which can overcomplicate things just a bit. However, what really matters is always the same: he wanted this moment to be every bit as thoughtful and full of love and joy as it could possibly be because he loves Nicole so much.

As his sister, it was so special to be a part of the planning process. We planned and contemplated all of the possibilities before we finally decided to make it happen in the morning when there would be less crowds to deal with. To keep Nicole clueless to the situation, we decided to say I was me there as ‘the sister who needs photos for marketing’ because that seemed like a good little white lie. Lying might be wrong, but I think a small white lie is justifiable in the situation!

Throughout everything Nicole had no idea! No idea why I had taken props from her to photograph because I was the one taking the ring down to Florida. No idea that Nick and I had planned a specific pose as the cue for him to ask her. No idea that even though this ‘good excuse for getting a few couple’s portraits’ would turn into her gaining a fiancé and a killer engagement ring!

If that’s not what you call the best surprise ever, I don’t know what is. When the time came, he knelt down on one knee in front of the castle and popped the question. She gasped with happiness and they got to spend a joy-filled day at Universal Studios, totally geeking out together!

This Harry Potter World proposal was so special because it was so perfectly planned and involved something they both love. I am beyond happy I was able to plan this with my brother and I am so excited to have Nicole as part of our family!

Cheers & Butterbeer Clinks!



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