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Grand Haven Beach Engagement | Samantha & Andrew

Grand Haven Beach Engagement

After Samantha & Andrew’s engagement session, if these two aren’t swinging and dipping and busting out all the dance moves, I’ll be disappointed! They got the rhythm, the love, the enthusiasm, and take directions like nobody’s business! They even chose one of my all-time favorite places for a Lake Michigan beach engagement session at Grand Haven State Park. This area provides that iconic red lighthouse, the pier, and a large beach for photos!

For their photo session, these two also dealt with having to delay their engagement session by a week thanks to myself getting Covid but I actually think it worked out for the best because we were able to truly enjoy a non-crowded beach and Golden Hour! It actually made it seem like this Grand Haven beach was made just for the two of them to love. This is why those late summer engagement sessions can be so great, right before fall hits and everyone is back to normal life but it’s still warm enough out to actually enjoy! You really do get a calmer experience.

So with the luck these two have already had on that non-crowded beach day, and the way that they continue to come together for most wedding decisions, their big day is going to truly be about the two of them, their live together now, and how they want their lives to go moving forward into married life.

Truly, it’s been a real joy to chat with these two because they have ideas to honor some traditions from their families and will also be able to make their wedding day their own. Much like their engagement session was, I have a feeling we’re going to see a LOT of their beautiful smiles because this couple is so excited to get married!

So make sure that you check back in for their Grand Haven Wedding day in June!

Can’t wait to photograph you two again!

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