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South Haven Beach Engagement | Aiden & Evan

South Haven Beach Engagement

High school sweethearts turned engaged couple getting ready to enjoy the next phase of life together!!! Meet Aiden & Evan and their beautiful South Haven Beach Engagement!

Aiden found me on Instagram and reached out because she loved the style of my photos and how they look natural and not highly edited or saturated. After our first meeting, I was so hopeful they would choose me as their wedding photographer because Aiden’s attention to detail and Evan’s want to have everyone have a good time would mean that all the planning would be done quickly so these two could do exactly what they wanted-celebrate!

For their engagement session, Aiden & Evan chose South Haven because of its cute downtown that always allows us to get fun photos by one of my favorite walls that simply highlights my couples, the floral wall that changes every season, and of course, a peak at a few docks! Of course, Kilwin’s is ready and available for a pre or post engagement photo snack!

The other beauty of South Haven is its unmatched views of Lake Michigan. I will forever talk about this but South Beach is better than North Beach when it comes to beach engagement photos. My hidden gem spot allows us to be fairly secluded while also getting the best views of the lighthouse without a lot of people in the photos behind you!

Now back to this awesome couple. Aiden is extra giggly while Evan is adoring of her every move. These two were cracking me up and the conversation was easy as I learned more about their fall wedding next year at Record Box Loft. I’m not sure how to truly explain these two but it’s like two pieces of a puzzle fitting together with ease. Aiden is the planner with a knack for style with her interior design career and Evan is easygoing with a knack for making whatever Aiden would like happen. These two spoke about how excited they are to celebrate this big chapter of their lives with their large friend group.

Personally, this engagement session just made me more excited for their wedding day and to see how it all comes together to perfectly compliment their love! Check back here next October to see their wedding blog!

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