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Rainy Fall Engagement Session | Kadie & Allie

Rainy Fall Engagement Session

Have you ever met a couple that just lights up the room when together? They seem to share this ability to always finish each other’s sentence, get the entire room bursting out in so much laughter, tears are rolling down your cheeks, and also can’t keep their hands off one another? Oh, and on top of that, they’re always the party starters? No? Well, let me introduce Kadie and Allie to you!

These two were all sorts of giggles, and while I’m sure the hometown brews helped a little with that, honestly, these two naturally find each other in any space. We had a ton of fun despite the rainy fall weather Michigan decided to share with this Californian couple for their engagement photos. It’s like they brought the sunshine and joy with them regardless of what the clouds were trying to say!

Personally, I’m not sure I’ve laughed so much during an engagement session but these two had me cracking up every few seconds. Kadie and Allie trusted my crazy idea of starting off in a parking garage because it would be covered us from the rain and it was where I taught them dipping and the awkward hug and all of the poses I love but they somehow made it all cuter than I ever thought possible just by being themselves!

We moved on to the large, covered porch of Marshall’s Honolulu House and then a special spot that Kadie had been to quite a bit to hang out with friends back in the day. We even had a small champagne fight that Allie started – I told you they are the party starters! You’ll see those photos at the end!

If this is any insight into what their Mount Palomar Winery wedding day will be like in California, you are in for a treat! Check back in when I share those images after their wedding day! They’ll be including a first look with Kadie puppy, Nala, a really fun wedding party, super sentimental moments that guests don’t know about yet, and lots and lots of WINE! It’s going to be a hit!

Can’t wait to photograph you two again!

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