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Wedding Wednesday | How to Make a Wedding Hashtag

Photo sharing these days has become very easy with just a click of a finger. Everyone wants to show you just how much fun they had at your wedding, and of course, you’ll want to see what everyone was up to because you can’t be everywhere at once. Thanks to the internet and the technology, there are plenty of ways you can share! One of the best ways to view all the photos is when you make a wedding hashtag.

Instagram is definitely the queen for wedding hashtags and with the right kind of planning, you can make one that all of your guests will love! Below are a few of the best wedding hashtags tips to help you understand how to share your wedding photos with family and friends on Instagram.

Use Your Names:

This is probably the easiest step that you can start with. For example, sometimes couples will use their first name like #courtandmike2018 to make things simple. Other times, you can use your last names like #becomingaRobinson. Using either your first or last name(s) can help guests not only remember to use your hashtag, but also make it easy for them to find.

Use Numbers to Keep Your Hashtag Unique:

You may use numbers to keep your hashtag different from others. That could either be the year, wedding date, or a number that means something significant to the two of you!

Get Punny for Fun Sharing:

Your wedding hashtag can be filled with fun and excitement! You may use puns, rhymes, synonyms, etc. to make your hashtags more memorable and clever. If you’re having trouble trying to figure that out, you can always ask your friends or try The Wedding HashersWedding Wire, or eWedding to get your brainstorm going!

Avoid Spelling Mistakes:

This might seem simple, but I’ve heard wedding fail stories about signs that were made for guests and there was a spelling error in them. That made it difficult for the couple to find the photos afterwards! Just double check things before you print!

Capitalize Each Word:

This is just a suggestion. Capitalizing the letters makes the hashtag easily readable. By doing this, you would be able to convey your message more efficiently and effectively.

Now, will your wedding hashtag be something that you look back on forever like your photographs? Probably not. But then again, it’s a part of your wedding story. Plus, who knows what might pop up from your hashtag! You can always help people along by telling your photographer and other venders what your hashtag is so guests can see some of their sneak peeks along with tagging your friends to make sure everyone knows to use it! 

Happy hashtags for all!


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