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Mission Point Lighthouse Engagement | Gabbie & Zak | Traverse City, Michigan

I’m not quite sure how we managed this, but when we arrived for the Mission Point Lighthouse engagement session in Traverse City, Michigan this past Monday, we were met with the right amount of fall colors, a quiet beach, nearly 80 degree weather, and clouds that let the sun peek in at the right times! Talk about one of the best engagement sessions ever when everything came together like this!

Now, that’s just all of the physical aspects that we’re at the mercy of Mother Nature for this Mission Point Lighthouse engagement session though. When it comes down to it, the couple and their love for one another is what actually makes the engagement session delightful! You all know that I love my SP couples and these two are simply just amazing! Have you ever met those people that you just feel like you’ll instantly connect with? Sometimes it’s over something as simple as Harry Potter and getting all of the good bits of where you should visit at Universal Studios at Harry Potter World. Other times, it’s just their general zest for life that you love. And yet other times, it’s the fact that when you get them in front of the camera, he loves eskimo kisses, she’s got the giggles, and they’re just super kind, sweet, and plain awesome!

So I guess you could say that it was a mix between everything for Gabbie & Zak. Their wedding next year will be in Petoskey, Michigan where she’ll mix in elements of her love of Christmas (hence those pinecones that you’ll see later) along with one of the biggest celebrations of the year with all of their closest family and friends! I simply can’t wait, especially since having these two in front of the camera once was so much fun! Their wedding day is going to be so beautiful!

For now though, let’s get on with the good stuff!

Cheers! Stephanie


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