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Groom and Groomsmen Suit Ideas

Wedding Wednesday | Groom and Groomsmen Accessories and Suit Options

Gentlemen, it seems like you are overlooked at times because you don’t have as many shiny accessories and a lot of them can look really similar to many other weddings.

However, why should you be overlooked? Can’t you shine a little bit on your own?

The answer is YES!

I love it when one of my grooms dresses things up a little because it’s your day too and you should also get to feel and look good!

black tuxedo inspiration

That’s why I’ve found some really amazing places that can help you look and feel way better than Men’s Warehouse might be able to help you. One of them is a tux/suit online store that allows you to get a FREE At Home Try-On AND will match the colors you would like based on David’s Bridal colors complete with the ability to get Free Swatches to make sure you actually like the colors and can choose wisely.

generation tux suit inspiration

This one is called Generation Tux. They come complete with different ideas and inspirations like the photo below along with allowing you to truly customize the exact look you’re going for! This is not a sponsored post in any way, I’m just sharing a place that I’ve photographed many a groom & his groomsmen in.

**Pro Tip** Make sure you iron the suit/tux before the wedding day because even though it’s convenient and super easy to have, you’ll need to make sure you press it beforehand and aren’t scrambling when a photographer gets there to photograph you***

groom giving all his groomsmen their gifts

The next is another online store that just has all the fun accessories a guy could ever want! It allows him to be a little different because he could choose a tie, even a fun novelty one, that allows him to feel great along with ideas for Groomsmen’s gifts, socks, and fun lapels.

It’s called Ties.com and it’s an online shop that I’ve personally fallen in love with because when a guy can rock a floral tie with confidence at a weddings, he is a head turner. He’s talked about and in a good way. He simply just exudes confidence and style and it doesn’t matter what your age is because I’ve seen grandpas in their 70s enjoying the look.

ties.com novelty ties inspirations

Lastly, I also want to mention the basics because those can’t go wrong. I’ve had grooms gift his men new watches just for the occasion while he himself also got gifted a watch by his soon-to-be wife. A good watch really can’t go wrong and neither can a bowtie. Keeping it classic can easily help your man look & feel like a GQ model or James Bond and either of those is a great way for him to feel.

ties.com floral tie options

After all, you’ll want him looking & feeling his best so when you look & feel your best…well, these are the types of photos you get no matter if you’re doing a First Look or not… 

Cheers & Happy Wedding Planning!



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