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Wedding Wednesday | Info You Need to Plan Your Wedding Day Timeline

If you’re worried about how to put together your wedding day timeline and have all the questions. Did you book your photographer for enough time? Will you actually get everything you want? What needs to happen in between your ceremony and your reception? This blog is for you!

The simple answer and it’s that we don’t know yet which is super frustrating but stay with me here because we need more information.

There are a lot of factors to look at and we all are different in what we want from a wedding day. Most of my couples want to have the best portraits possible but they also want to genuinely spend time with their guests. We need to marry those two aspects together and there are ways to do so in a creative way.

In this blog, you’ll find the basic information we need to put together your wedding day timeline. Unfortunately, I can’t go into specific times because everyone is different and I plan out all of the timelines of my couples directly with them. But this is a great start!

If you’d like me to create a specific guide that you can purchase with a template you can fill out, let me know!

Basic info Needed:

  • What is the Address for Your Getting Ready Location? (If somewhere other than your venue)
  • What is the Address for Your Partner’s Getting Ready Location? (If somewhere other than your venue)
  • When Should Hair & Makeup be Getting Done?
  • Are you Doing a First Look? (Need to know why it people are talking about these? Check this blog to find out!)
  • What is the Address for Your Ceremony?
  • What Time does the Ceremony Start?
  • How long should your ceremony last?
  • Are you doing a Receiving Line? (plan for 30 minutes for these!)
  • Are there any specific locations you would like for any photos? If so, what are those addresses?
  • What is the Address for Your Reception? (if separate from your ceremony)
  • What Time would you like to be announced in for your grand entrance?
  • What time is Sunset on Your Wedding Day?
  • Are there any events happening around town (football games, parades, races, beer festivals, etc. ) that might affect traffic?)
  • What are all travel times to and from each location for the day? (i.e. from your ceremony venue to your reception, etc. Also plan this like a SCHOOL BUS DRIVER-EXTRA SLOW!!!!)

Once you have all of these answered, you can ensure that you are 100% ready to plan out that wedding day timeline! Take these to your photographer, planner, or Day of Coordinator to help you put it all together!

This is all that’s being included in today’s blog and if you’d like one that breaks down timing more specifically, let me know!

Cheers & Happy Wedding Planning!

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