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South Haven Beach Engagement | Krysten & Tim

South Haven Beach Engagement

Krysten found me through Instagram thanks to a beautiful wedding I photographed at Bay Pointe Woods. I will forever be grateful for wedding days like Lindsey & Hunter’s because they’ve led me to other amazing couples getting married at either Bay Pointe Woods or Pay Pointe Inn! Once I had spoken with Krysten in her consultation, it was decided that these two wanted to have the perfect South Haven beach engagement session and I was excited to make it happen!

I can tell that Krysten is super excited about getting married because she and Tim had been together for quite some time and while their life is fairly established, it just needed this finishing touch. They have been together for nearly 8 years and Tim has been helping to raise Kaylee Ann for nearly as long as she’s been alive. It’s been a wonderful time for this family to make itself permanent on paper.

Krysten and Kaylee Ann love the beach and Tim loves whatever the girls love so off to South Haven we went!

Whenever you’re at South Haven for a photoshoot, I enjoy South Beach instead of North Beach because there is convenient parking that is free after 6 pm, it’s a straight shot from downtown, and you can enjoy being elevated above every other beachgoer so your photo experience is more private!

The sand dunes might be my favorite secret because they typically have almost no one around as most beachgoers only think of the beach itself but up here, you get the perfect view of the lighthouse which you’ll see featured in several of Krysten & Tim’s engagement session.

We had them dipping and twirling and getting all kinds of portraits in from classics to some more intimate ones. All of these will allow me to truly see what will be best for them on their wedding day so thank you all for spending the evening with me on the beach!

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