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Downtown Detroit Engagement | Allison & John

Downtown Detroit Engagement

Don’t get me wrong, I love when people find me off of social media platforms like Instagram but man oh man is there nothing quite like meeting a couple and just clicking with them. Literally, I know that I could so easily lose track of time chatting away and having such a fun time hanging out with Allison & John which is probably why we went over my normal allotted time for their Downtown Detroit Engagement session!!!

Like I had mentioned, we had our virtual consultation as these two are getting married this year and getting their wedding photographer booked asap was a top priority of theirs. What I didn’t realize was that I might have fallen in love with them and I even know the exact moment it happened. It happened when we were looking to plan a date for their engagement session and John, with zero hesitation, said July 17th while looking at Allison with the love of a man who has truly found his soulmate.

July 17th being their anniversary and I DIED. But not really because we’re obviously here but ohmygoodness was I excited to photograph them!

Allison sent me over some inspiration of various areas in or around Downtown Detroit and we decided on Belle Isle, the Detroit Institute of the Arts, and the area near Shinola Hotel. These areas are so gorgeous and were going to be perfect to show off their love!

If you would like to get photos at any of these locations, the Detroit Institute of the Arts and the area near Shinola Hotel do not require permits but Belle Isle does. Make sure you submit your request at least 14 business days in advance. Click Here to view how to do so.

We started off at Belle Isle and used the conservatory as their backdrop then moved over to the casino because Allison had the most beautiful inspiration from Instagram and lastly, we ended at the James Scott Memorial Fountain where John had popped the question!!!! How special is that for your engagement session? I loved it!

Oh! I also forgot, we also went to Milliken State Park Lighthouse on East Riverfront. It’s one of this couples’ goals to see as many lighthouses as they can in Michigan so this was a perfect addition to their engagement session! The parking is a bit sketchy and not well marked but that’s some of the charm of Detroit. You never know what you find until you’re there!

After the lighthouse, we ventured to one of my favorite locations for any downtown Detroit engagement session, the Detroit Institute of the Arts (or the DIA). This picturesque location is simply just stunning but could never outshine Allison and John as we had fun capturing photos of Allison twirling, John enjoying getting a little saucy, and of course, their chic outfits!

That special energy these two have stayed the entire time and strangers were also as enamored with them as I was as we captured them outside of Shinola hotel and in the alleyway right by Madcap Coffee. If you know this alleyway, you know.

Does that seem like a lot for an engagement session? Yes. Did it fly by in the blink of eye though? Also Yes. I personally can’t wait to photograph their wedding day at Pine Knob Mansion! Check back here to see it in mid-December!


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