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Bay Pointe Woods Wedding | Lindsey & Hunter

Bay Pointe Woods wedding photos of the newlywed couple, flowers, rings and invitations, the ceremony location, and the bride's shoes.

A Bay Pointe Woods Wedding

Let me set up this Bay Pointe Woods wedding day for you. This was one of those weddings where technically I knew who was a family member and who was a friend but they all mixed and even I got confused several times. This is because The “Fam” was everyone. How cool is that?!?!

To quote Lindsey “… getting married was never an IF, but a WHEN. So it’s not surprising it took almost seven years for [Hunter] to ask me to be his wife lol! We love country music, love to dance and be silly together, and love our friends and family. My dream wedding doesn’t matter so much about all the little details but I’m more excited to just celebrate the love we have for each other.”

Please tell me that wasn’t exactly what happened on their wedding day? If you think you can, you obviously haven’t seen the photos yet!

We walked into thunderous merriment from Hunter and his groomsmen as they played a round of football after a successful morning of golfing while the ladies were calm, cool, collected, and sipping that bubbly! A perfect start for the vibe of the day.

I think the most difficult thing Lindsey & Hunter dealt with was NOT seeing each other before their ceremony. “I wish I could see you!” Hunter said while squeezing Lindsey’s hand during their first touch as they read their personal vows in privacy. Each unable to hold back tears as they listened and the realization that it was their day finally hit.

Mingled in with these genuinely sweet moments were uproarious events too that brought a huge smile to my face and you will notice brought so much happiness to everyone surrounding Lindsey & Hunter. I loved when Ellie arrived and everyone was enthralled with her and she looked at all of your favorite humans in one place, I loved when the wedding party entered with their own dance moves, I loved how many people got “Iced,” I loved Lindsey & her dad seeing each other and neither could stop hugging each other, I loved that Hunter’s dance moves are hilarious, and I loved being able to photograph these two and this amazing wedding!

Congrats again on your Bay Pointe Woods Wedding, Lindsey and Hunter, and is it too much to ask that you put me on the invite list for any of your future get-togethers…? Ha!

And just to showcase what I was saying earlier… this was Lindsey getting ready…and this was Hunter 🤣

Just kidding, this is actually how it looked!

Remember when I mentioned their very sweet First Touch? Here it is!

And Lindsey’s First Look with her Dad!

Next up, their ceremony, Wedding Party Portraits, Portraits with Ellie, and just the two newlyweds!

And then it was on to the reception!!!

And if you saw my Instagram Stories from Saturday, you might remember that I saw this location the day before and there is a Citgo across the street. However, this spot was PERFECT for their Golden Hour Portraits!

After that, it was back to the reception for more fun!!!

If you can count the number of times someone got “Iced” comment below!

Congrats again you two! If anyone else is interested, be sure to check out their vendors!


Venue | Bay Pointe Woods

Florals | Bouquets By Stacy

Wedding Dress | Renee Austin Wedding

Main Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography

Bride’s Earrings | Olive & Piper

2nd Photographer | Courtney Kay Photography

Videographers | LOE Productions

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