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Historic Ballroom Wedding | Abby & Alex

Historic Ballroom Wedding in Downtown Marshall

Heading to The Wagner Ballroom in downtown Marshall, Michigan for Abby & Alex’s wedding, I knew that it was going to be an extraordinarily special day. This gorgeous, incredibly in-love couple met 7 years ago and when October 2nd, 2021 finally came around, it was clear that they, and everyone else, was really ready for this day to happen!

They had a sweet, personalized ceremony that had everyone laughing and crying, they had people who were going to dance their booties off on the dance floor all night long, and of course, they had the typical, unpredictable fall weather that wasn’t going to stop anything joyful from happening because no one was going to let it!

Walking in that afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice the floral arch that was made by Sarah Moss right away, it was made to highlight their ceremony and the teal walls of the ballroom perfectly. Immediately, I knew I was going to hang Abby’s Hayley Paige wedding dress off of it and from there, and more and more of those little details starting popping out which you’ll see lots of them as you scroll through this blog.

But above all, you could just tell that everyone was there to bring Abby & Alex (or as he is known to some inner circles, Kevin) together. It’s truly amazing to witness two families and countless friends come together and not remember who belongs to who at the end of the night. When everyone can come together like that, you just know these two are blessed beyond belief.

Thank you again for inviting me to be part of your day, Abby & Alex, and congratulations on a beautiful, love-filled historic ballroom wedding day that I know you’re going to look back on fondly for the rest of your life!

Alex’s First Look Surprise…

This was a complete surprise that might have made Alex (Kevin) almost lose his trust in me but Abby’s idea to surprise him with Ryan in a wedding dress was a hit! Ryan’s exact words “we have a special relationship.” Abby had texted him and I believe he didn’t realize how serious it was until she had the dress for him. Everyone in the bridal suite laughed so hard when he stepped out in his gown that I thought we might have given everything away! Thankfully, that’s actually just the normal dynamic for Abby & her girls so no one, especially Kevin, suspected a thing until he turned around!

Next was the real first look and I think you can tell by Alex’s face that Abby looked flawlessly gorgeous! Afterward, we got lucky, before the fall rain came down too hard and were able to go to the fountain and get photos with their wedding party!

Their ceremony, officiated by surrogate mom of Abby, Carol Moss, brought laughter that echoed throughout the ballroom and several tears of happiness for these two!

Next was the whirlwind of stairway portraits, cocktail hour, and a really fun reception!

Pausing your scroll for a moment because right here was the moment when dad watch step-dad dance with Abby. This is what I mean about families coming together to support, to raise, to encourage, and to celebrate this wedding day. Even though I’ve photographed 3 weddings with this family, I still forget who is who because of how amazing everyone comes together to love one another.

And just like that, 3 weddings, 3 sisters, 3 couples photographed and I couldn’t be more excited to see how your lives continue!

Congratulations again Abby & Alex and to all of you wonderful people, many hugs from me!

Please check out their vendors below!

Venue| The Wagner Ballroom

Photography | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

Flowers | Sarah Moss

Hair | Pure Eden Salon & Spa

Makeup | Abbey Lynn

Dress | Dearly Loved Bridal

Rings | Kays

Dress Designer | Hayley Paige

Shoes | Toms

His Suit | Liben’s


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