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Riverside Park Grand Rapids Engagement | Lexy & Will

Riverside Park Grand Rapids Engagement

Love is a beautiful thing, and when two people come together in love, it creates a bond that is unbreakable. This was the case for Lexy and Will, who were so genuinely happy together that their love story was impossible not to capture. As their wedding photographer, I had the joy of capturing their engagement session at Riverside Park in Grand Rapids, and I must say, it was a magical experience.

Riverside Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Grand Rapids, known for its stunning fall colors that are always on display during the autumn season. Lexy and Will chose this location for their engagement session, and it was the perfect setting for their love story. As we walked through the park, the trees’ colors created a beautiful, colorful backdrop.

As we walked through the park, we talked about their wedding plans, which will take place next year at Studio D2D. They shared their excitement with me, and it was evident how much they love each other. I couldn’t help but smile as I captured their engagement photos with Will’s adoring looks at Lexy and Lexy bursts of laughter that got us all grinning from ear to ear. Truly, this is where the magic in a photo comes from!

During the session, we took photos in different areas of the park, even moving around a cross country team that was using some of the trails to train. All of it was worth it as we used the greens, reds, oranges, and yellows to find hidden gems at Riverside Park.

If you’re looking for a beautiful location for your engagement session or wedding, consider Riverside Park Grand Rapids. With its stunning fall colors and beautiful views, it’s the perfect setting for your love story. Also, make sure to check back here next September to see their full wedding blog!


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