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Record Box Loft Wedding | Aiden & Evan

Record Box Loft Wedding

A perfectly warm, sunny fall day where this couple was having a first look with what seemed like everyone but each other at a cool, industrial venue in the heart of downtown Battle Creek. You might be thinking that that gave away this whole wedding day but I can assure you, it did not! You won’t be prepared for what all I’m about to share! Welcome to Aiden & Evan’s Record Box Loft wedding day!

In a miraculous fashion, the bride and her ladies were done at Salon K for hair and with Kimberly Wilson for makeup an hour and a half early! This is unheard of but it meant that I walked into the loft area with the girls all enjoying lunch and I quickly got set up to photograph all of the details.

To no one’s surprise, Aiden had everything ready to go for me plus some and I had so much fun photographing all of her small bridal details and hanging up her top secret wedding dress that only two other people had seen! Talk about a bit nerve racking because I had to make sure I got photos and then almost shared the photo on the back of my camera screen at the wrong time! Luckily though, no slip ups happened!

When it was time, Aiden had her bridesmaids exit the bridal suit so she could surprise them later while she, her mom, and sister helped her get into her wedding dress from Patty’s Bridal, Aiden was so giddy and excited to wear this dress! It fit her like a glove and the details on it are exquisite. Her mom and sister only teared up a little bit but mostly, they were all ready to get the day started and this moment was when it was all becoming real!

During the process of Aiden getting ready, it was time for Evan and his guys to arrive for some game day arrival portraits! I want you to tell me who looked the coolest walking up to the venue. These guys came ready to party, support Evan in whatever way needed, and of course, to make sure that we all remembered that this day was a joyous one filled with laughter, goofiness, and all dance moves you could ever think of!

Next up was something I lovingly refer to as a First Look marathon. Aiden had one with her bridesmaids and her dad while Evan had one with his Grandpa. Each of these first looks involved lots of emotions, tears of happiness, and HUGS! If you saw my Instagram post, you’ll know that I hinted at this. But these moments were where I could truly see how much Aiden and Evan were appreciative and grateful of everyone being there and I could equally see how much they are loved. These hugs were real and big and embraces often lasted several moments. The one the nearly hit me the hardest was Evan’s first look with his Grandpa because the love emanating from the two of them was unmatched!

Once these lucky people saw either the bride or groom, the couple hid away while guests began to pile in. The sounds of chatter and footsteps filled Record Box Loft while everyone filed into their seats and it was finally time for Aiden and Evan to see one another – right down the aisle!

Their first look was one where you could just feel that everything in their relationship thus far had led up to this very moment and while they had to immediately go into the ceremony, Evan had a really difficult time keeping his eyes off of Aiden and often glanced at her during the ceremony while Pastor Brad Hubbard led the way through prayers, readings, a unity candle, and finally, declaring these two as husband and wife!

In its usual fashion, everything began to be a whirlwind while we completed Family Portraits, headed outside for all Wedding Party Portraits at one of my favorite locations in Battle Creek, and ending with portraits of the newlyweds! You could feel the party brewing all day long and I let the Wedding Party have some fun during portrait time but let’s be real, everyone was ready to get back and get the reception going!

That’s exactly what happened too, within minutes of arriving back at Record Box Loft, guests got seated and the party was introduced followed by a prayer and dinner.

After dinner is when the real evening’s events started as Aiden’s dad, Pete, delivered the best Father of the Bride speeches I’ve ever witnessed. He got the other dads and grandpas involved by having them interject with Dad Jokes to lighten the mood while he himself shared sincere, beautiful memories of Aiden growing up and her relationship with Evan. He then had everyone turn on the flashlights on their phone, turned the house lights off, and as he walked forward, people would lift up their lights to shine on the couple. A symbol that all those in attendance would help support, love, and light the couple’s relationship throughout the rest of their lives together. Truly, it was so impactful to witness!

After all speeches, dancing began with Evan dancing with his mom, Aiden with her dad, and the couple dancing together until DJ DMC cranked it up as everyone else packed the dance floor for the rest of the night!

I hope you enjoy just some of the dance moves I captured as you scroll here! And before I stop writing and just share the photos, make sure you leave a comment at the end wishes the couple well and of course, check out the vendors that helped make this day a reality!

Congrats Aiden & Evan, I hope you loved your Record Box Loft wedding day!


Venue | Record Box Loft

Main Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

Hair | Salon K Studio

Makeup | Kimberly Wilson

Bouquets | Floral Date

Wedding Dress | Patty’s Apparel and Bridal

Evan’s Suit | Jim’s Formal Wear

2nd Photographer | Get Lucky Photography

Invitations | Etsy Template printed through Print of Love

DJ | Official DJ DMC

  1. Carrie Baum says:

    It was a perfect day, thank you for capturing so many special moments!


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