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Lake Michigan Beach Engagement | Sarah & Jovaughn

Lake Michigan Beach Engagement

Saugatuck, Michigan

On a cloudy day over Labor Day weekend, Sarah and Jovaughn decided to have a stunning Lake Michigan Beach engagement session. Despite the lack of sun, their love and laughter shone bright as they wore all white and included their pitbull, Blue, in their engagement photoshoot.

The couple chose one of many Lake Michigan Beaches for its pristine sandy shores, crystal-clear water, and easy access to downtown Saugatuck, a picturesque beach town. This particular one is right down the road from Oval Beach. They knew that it would be the perfect location to capture their love story.

As we arrived at the beach, the weather was not on their side. The clouds were heavy, and the wind was making a few more waves than normal. However, Sarah and Jovaughn did not let the weather dampen their spirits. They came fully prepared with their positive attitudes, bright smiles, and all-white outfits, which made them stand out against the gray skies. Honestly, this might have been key for their photos!

As their photographer, I was prepared to capture the best moments despite the weather. I used the cloudy sky to my advantage, using the soft, diffused light to create a romantic, while still bright atmosphere. I also loved finding ways to incorporate Blue, the couple’s beloved pitbull, into the photoshoot, resulting in adorable and heartwarming moments. Check out Blue’s smile for that evidence!

This is just a peek into what their wedding day will look like and I cannot express clearly in words how elated I am to capture their smiles again at Stoatin Brae Golf Club next year! Make sure to check back here to see their wedding blog that I’ll be posting in early July!

For a few pro tips: if it is ever going to be cloudy for your engagement session, here are a few tips on what to do!

  1. Embrace it: Cloudy days are not the worst thing to ever happen and while yes, I would love sunshine too, embracing the weather you have and trying to enjoy the moment makes a world of difference!
  2. Dress accordingly: Cloudy days can be cooler and windier than sunny days, so dress appropriately. Sometimes just added a little coverup can make the difference!
  3. Incorporate movement: Windy days can create beautiful movement in your photos. Consider having your hair and clothing blowing in the wind, or dancing on the beach. Sarah’s dress showcased this perfectly!
  4. Have fun: Remember, engagement photos should be fun! Don’t be afraid to laugh, run around, and play on the beach. Your photographer will capture the best moments.
  5. Any Lake Michigan beach engagement session is going to be gorgeous, you are in good hands!


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