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Revival Wedding Barn Wedding | Kelsey & Paul

Revival Wedding Barn Wedding

Two animal-lover, world travelers get together when they meet at Ball State and where do we end up? Well, at a gorgeous modern white barn with family and friends gathered from all over including from Scotland and Mexico everyone couldn’t be more excited to see these two get married! Think classic, timeless ceremony meets epic reception and I’m happy to welcome you to Kelsey & Paul’s Revival Wedding Barn wedding day!

Yes, you might have guessed it, these two and their guests were about to be one of the biggest parties I’ve photographed so far this year but first things first, I need to set up the day for you before you check out all of their photos!

Revival Wedding Barn is its own little hidden oasis and brings this barn into the modern day of weddings! Its classic, white exterior, cute cocktail hour area and bright reception space lets you set a spot that allows you two to really shine! Kelsey & Paul made an excellent choice with this one! My 2nd shooter, Dylan, and I started the day off with the smaller details like their rings and hanging Kelsey’s gorgeous ballgown wedding dress before we split off for each of them to get ready, coordinating each of the groom’s crew with the bride’s so neither saw each other before their ceremony!

When I say that it was clear the ceremony was the moment that Kelsey & Paul were waiting for all day, I mean it. I thought Paul might burst with anticipation as the curtains were drawn back and he finally got to see Kelsey. She, likewise, couldn’t contain her happiness walking down the aisle towards him! These are the moments I live for as a wedding photographer!

It seemed like the world stopped for them during their ceremony as they read their vows, surprised their guests with Leo, their dog, as their ring bearer, and light (or tried to) light their unity candle with the wind blowing.

After the ceremony, we captured their wedding party and had time to capture romantic portraits of newlyweds. My favorites of course include Kelsey’s cathedral-length veil as they always create epic portraits! Let me know which one is your favorite because I can’t choose!

After all formalities, it was time to start with a true GRAND entrance! Ultimate Entertainment knows how to throw a party, Happy Bar Services knows how to serve the best drinks to keep it going, and Rent Event, LLC knows how to make it all look GOOD! All Kelsey & Paul’s crew had to do was figure out the best way to enter so from the scooters to the beer bong, they got the crowd hyped up!!!!!

After that hype-up, we all learned a few things about this couple like that Paul went above and beyond to try to rescue his fish, Kelsey’s dad was a little weary of this relationship when it first started, fearing that Kelsey might only be fed on all-you-can-eat fried chicken Tuesdays but over time, but he got over that fear as he’s seen them grow beautifully together. The most impactful line though to me was made by Samantha, Kelsey’s best friend when she spoke about relationship advice “Don’t settle for fine.”

A statement we can all learn from. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t look at you the way these two look at one another. The silliness they’re able to share, the care, and the way they get down on that dance floor! Don’t settle for less love than these two felt as so many were able to join in their celebration. Don’t settle for fine when you can literally be whirled away by it all.

I won’t spoil what else you’re about to see as you keep scrolling but that dance floor was something else and it was so much fun to capture! Can’t wait for you all to see it!

Congratulations Kelsey & Paul, your Revival Wedding Barn wedding day was amazing!


Venue | Revival Wedding Barn

Main Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

DJ | Ultimate Entertainment

Rental Decor | Rent Event, LLC

2nd Photographer | DK Photography

Bar | Happy Bar Services

Hair Stylist | Hair by Morgan LLC

Videographer | Logan Haessig Photography


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