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Bay Pointe Inn Wedding | Krysten & Tim

Bay Pointe Inn Wedding

On a beautifully extra hot day on Labor Weekend, I got to this Bay Pointe Inn wedding early like normal to check out the scene, setup flashes, and start photographing the day a little early. What I didn’t expect was for Tim & two of his groomsmen to pull up to the dock in a red pontoon boat. As I walked over to say hello, I noticed the brilliant sunlight shining down, heard them laughing and joking around, and saw the waves from the boat kissing the shoreline. All of it just showcasing what a perfect venue this is and what a great wedding day is was about to be. I decided right then and there that this had to be the entire vibe of the day. Summer. Sunshine. Love. Two people and all of their family and friends ready to celebrate a LOT the entire day!

Krysten, KaleeAnn, bridesmaids, mom, and hair stylists and makeup artists had the bridal suite in its usual organized chaos that gets me excited to see how it all is going to come together. I could see Krysten’s excitement, KaleeAnn was bursting with ideas and wanting to be helpful, and bridesmaids who were ready to jump in at any moment’s notice to get things done. It was a great energy to begin the day!

We had planned a first look with KaleeAnn and Tim because he’s been in her life for nearly 8 years now and they have a special bond. They would see each other first before Tim saw Krysten for the first time and I think KaleeAnn really loved having that special moment.

After they had their time, it was Krysten’s turn. I’m not sure which of them was more excited but you can let me know in which one you think was based on their reactions in these photos! We were then able to use the sunshine on the dock and the flower beds to show off their love and excitement before we had the full wedding party join the party!

This is one of the biggest reasons though why I love First Looks at Bay Pointe Inn, Krysten & Tim were able to have their time, we got wedding party portraits done, and we even got most of the family portraits done. This way, all they had to worry about before the ceremony was just that – the ceremony!

And what a ceremony it was. Tim was beaming at Krysten and can you blame him? She was truly glowing as her dad walked her down the aisle. Their ceremony itself was short and oh so sweet. This left plenty of time to get the last family photos done with their grandparents and then for them to go straight to cocktail hour!

With the drinks and laughter flowing freely amongst everyone, it was time to get on to their grand entrance, toasts, and dancing!!! I’ll let you see how the night went on but it ended with a hilarious couple who caught both the bouquet and garter, a surprise for the bride that the bridesmaids put together, and that same pontoon boat that Tim began his wedding day on. Shout out to my 2nd shooter, Dylan for realizing that the boat should have been backed into its spot. You’ll see what I mean when you scroll all the way down!!

Congratulations Krysten & Tim!


Venue | Bay Pointe Inn

Main Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

2nd Photographer | DK Photography

Videographer | White Owl Wedding Films

Florals | Eastern Floral


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