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Downtown Grand Rapids Wedding | Annie & Zach

Downtown Grand Rapids Wedding

Catholic Ceremony at Basilica of Saint Adalbert with Industrial Reception at The Goei Center

Get ready to dive into the magic of Annie & Zach’s fabulous Downtown Grand Rapids Wedding! Picture this: the Basilica’s high ceilings and stunning stained glass windows blending with the modern vibes of downtown Grand Rapids, all intertwined with the industrial charm of the Goei Center. It’s a recipe for a truly perfect day! But amidst all the grandeur, what I really aimed to capture in Annie and Zach’s wedding were those special moments of connection. The way these two look at each other – it’s like something out of a fairy tale. Zach’s sneaky forehead kisses and Annie’s radiant smile as she gazes up at him are just heart-melting. So, while I definitely wanted to showcase the grandness of their day, my focus was on encapsulating the essence of their bond.

Our journey began at the Embassy Suites hotel suite in downtown Grand Rapids, where Annie was getting ready. She was a bundle of nerves, while Zach and his crew were hanging out at his house, all pumped up for the day. My awesome second photographer, Alexis, gave me the scoop that Zach was a mix of excitement and chill – a great combo!

We arrived at the Basilica of Saint Adalbert early, giving Annie a little hideaway time and Zach a chance to catch up with family and friends. Meeting Annie’s grandparents was a delight and watching them soak in the church’s atmosphere and say hello to family members nearby from their prime front pew spot was heartwarming. The ceremony itself was a sentimental affair, with Annie’s mom walking her down the aisle, and Zach locking eyes with her as she appeared. Her brother, and the Priest, smoothly worked through the ceremony.

After the official proceedings, we headed downtown with the wedding party for some portraits. The energy was fun and upbeat as we started at the Civic Auditorium and strutted across the Gillett Bridge to the park. Capturing the group’s dynamics was a blast, and stealing a moment with just Annie and Zach was magical.

But let’s get back to what truly matters – the connection. Amidst all the excitement, it was like time stood still when I had the chance to photograph the unfiltered moments between Annie and Zach. You could practically see that they’ve found their soulmate – the one to tackle life’s adventures with.

As the clock ticked, we shifted gears to The Goei Center for their industrial-chic wedding reception. They cleverly scheduled it right at the start of cocktail hour, allowing them to mingle with their guests right away – a rarity in most weddings, and a testament to their well-planned day!

The dance floor ignited with the Grand Entrance and beautiful toasts from both sides of the family. And let me tell you, the energy on that dance floor was electric! It was an absolute blast capturing all the moves and grooves.

Now, join me in giving a huge round of applause to this incredible couple! Their Downtown Grand Rapids Wedding was a whirlwind of grandeur, love, and an unforgettable day!

Hotel | Embassy Suites by Hilton Grand Rapids Downtown

Ceremony Venue | Basilica of Saint Adalbert

Reception Venue | The Goei Center

Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

Florals | Eastern Floral

DJ & Videographer | Complete Wedding and Events

2nd Photographer | Alexis Mast Brown Photography

Wedding Dress | True Society

Catering | Above and Beyond

Limousine | Affordable Limousine


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