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Botanical Gardens Engagement | Kelsey & Paul

It is not uncommon for couples to schedule multiple events or meetings to happen for the short time they are in town. This is very true for Kelsey and Paul as they live in Indiana but are getting married at Revival Wedding Barn in Dowagiac, Michigan. Kelsey’s mom actually was able to help find this location for their Botanical Gardens engagement session and I think it worked out perfectly!

This couple is truly one of those couples that leans on one another for support and Kelsey can always make Paul giggle while he is always willing to provide her with comfort and care. Again, they’re a great match for one another!

They met at Ball State University and while Covid had stopped two different proposal attempts by Paul, he was able to pop the question finally in Cancun! He also didn’t lose Kelsey’s engagement ring in the ocean so from that alone with her saying ‘yes’, this was a major success!!!

They’ll be incorporating Paul’s Mexican heritage with Kelsey’s Scottish one during their wedding and I’m excited to see if we see a bagpiper and mariachi band in one space! As two world travelers though, it makes sense that these two would want more than a simple American-style wedding day!

Their engagement session led to many giggles by Kelsey which got Paul to laugh alongside her and it’s that kind of bond that always makes me excited to photograph my couples because who do you look at when you want to share your happiness with? The love of your life of course! The way these two look at each other should be written down in history!

I could not be more excited to photograph their wedding day where we’ll be seeing a classic, timeless ceremony mixed with a giant party reception because EVERYONE is coming from a long way to celebrate these two lovebirds and they’re ready to make it an unforgettable night!

Make sure to check back here when I photograph their wedding this September!


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