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Downtown Chicago Brewery Wedding | Caitlin & Jake

Downtown Chicago Wedding

I’ve photographed weddings on the gorgeous shores of Lake Michigan beaches, in breathtaking churches, high-class hotels, intimate backyards, and even really cool, rustic barns, but there’s always something about heading into the big city that makes me giddy! Caitlin & Jake’s wedding this past weekend brought their favorite people from the west coast and beyond to celebrate their downtown Chicago wedding!

We started at The Guesthouse Hotel for details, getting ready photos, and their First Touch. Upon arrival, I admired Caitlin’s Lovebird robe because I knew that Jake has a custom jungle lining in his suit jacket. I honestly thought it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

As I was photographing Caitlin getting into her dress where her sister, Anna, was helping her put on her shoes and her mom was making sure everything in the back was zipped up, I mentioned how great it would be for her to get to be near Jake for their first touch. Caitlin teared up and you could just tell that she needed her person in that moment. These are the moments on a wedding day that I relish and look back on for years and years and years. It’s why I do what I do. I know you need your person and it’s not just because you’re marrying them. They are your calm, your sense of safety, and they truly have your heart. I want that for you beyond any photo I could ever take. Obviously, please let me be there with my camera, but watching your shoulders finally relax with just a *little* bit of relief as you two hold hands (until bursting out in laughter when realizing that you got each other the same card), truly shows how you’re with the right person.

As we moved to Moody Tongue Brewery for the ceremony, we drove on Lakeshore drive and I looked forward to seeing this venue that Caitlin & Jake had spoken so highly of and it did not disappoint! You’ll have to keep scrolling through to see what I’m talking about!!!! Between the food, the unique backdrop they had for the ceremony, and again, the people they had with them, it was a night of celebration!

I love the downtown Chicago wedding vibe, the venues, the details, the people – and I especially love this couple, so glad TikTok allowed you to find me! Congrats, lovebirds! (see what I did there – ha!)


Next, we moved from The Guesthouse Hotel to Moody Tongue Brewery. This unique venue space featured real beer barrels from Moody Tongue-how cool is that!

When you get married in a Michelin Star venue, you expect amazing food and drinks right? What I didn’t expect was for it to be THAT good! Truly, Caitlin & Jake have the best taste for picking this venue!

I love that they were able to have this private space for their intimate wedding day!

Currently taking comments for what you think was said in this moment to get Caitlin’s reaction! lol

Cheers to you two!!!!

Main Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

Second Photographer | Danielle Heinson Photography

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