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Country Club Wedding | Jess & Javi

Country Club Wedding

There’s just something about photographing a couple who have been together for 15 years that really makes a difference. You can tell that they have truly grown up together form high school homecomings and proms to saying yes to forever. They are each other’s person and are each other’s support and love of their life. It’s amazing to find that so young. Today, let me introduce to you Jess & Javi who had a beautiful country club wedding day in Oak Brook, Illinois!

As we began the day, I entered the girls getting ready at Jess’ parent’s home, just right up the street from their church and also the very high school they met at. The place was buzzing with excitement and energy as most wedding days go but there was also this air of reality that seemed to be settling in. Jess & Javi have been together so long but today was different and you could just tell and man-oh-man was I excited for these two to finally see each other!

We met outside of their church, Saint Stephen the Protomartyr Catholic Church, where their pretty little garden space proved to be the best spot for their First Look. As Jess walked up to Javi, I could tell that Javi might not hold it together and sure enough, he was blown away by her beauty. It was one of my favorite moments from their wedding day!

After a few moments where each comforted one another and we got a few portraits in (including an epic veil portrait!), we settled inside for their classic, Catholic ceremony inside of the church it just felt so pure and cinematic with the stained glass windows behind the pulpit. They included several family members for readings, gifts, and their parents lit the smaller candles that Jess & Javi would light their unity candle with. It truly was a combination of two families really becoming one. I also loved that the ceremony was delivered in both English and Spanish so all were accommodated.

After the ceremony and a bubble exit, we headed to Butterfield Country Club where the mariachi band was ready to get started entertaining guests after we finished photographing the bridal party. They truly started the vibe that would have these guests dancing through the night!

From the cocktail hour to the competition amongst the bridal party for who had the best entrance to the speeches that left many in tears of goodness to the sparkler exit, it was a packed night! I won’t go into too much detail here with my words because the photos really do show you how awesome this country club wedding day was!

And to that, I hope you two are having the best honeymoon right now and congrats again!!!!!



Ceremony | Saint Stephen the Protomartyr Catholic Church

Reception | Butterfield Country Club

Day of Coordinator | Shout out to Rhetta!

Main Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

Second Photographer | Alana Lindenfeld Photography


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