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Boulder Colorado Engagement | Riann & Dalin

I’m still on a major high from shooting Riann and Dalin at their destination Boulder Colorado Engagement session that also includes downtown Denver. Talk about a gorgeous place – and gorgeous people – to photograph! For the shoot, we split our time at Lost Gulch Overlook, Chautauqua Park, and downtown Denver at Union Station and other areas! I always love when my couples want me to travel for their engagement sessions!

Lost Gulch Overlook, which offered the perfect backdrop for their Boulder Colorado Engagement pictures, was a spot that we hit at quite possibly the perfect time. If you look anywhere online, there are dozens of blogs telling you that in order to have a good photoshoot, you HAVE to go at sunrise.

Well, here’s the issue. I don’t really like mornings like that, especially while traveling the day after photographing a wedding in Charlevoix, Michigan, Riann wanted to get her hair done professionally which would have been more difficult at 4:30am, and it was going to be logistically more difficult.

So we took a risk and this risk paid OFF.

We decided to try the middle of the afternoon, in the lull time of 4pm. You know, that time when it’s not quite lunch time and not quite dinner where a lot of the time, it’s great for a nap? Yeah, that’s when we chose. And it worked! There were hardly any people out and of those people, I was able to photoshop them out successfully!

On top of this, we had a cloudy day! If you didn’t know, Denver and Boulder get roughly 300 days of sunshine per year so this was magical for us! It worked in our favor as well as we were at the overlook and moved on to Chautauqua Park for more photos!

After popping a bottle of champagne, we moved on to Union Station in downtown Denver and this spot brought clean, modern lines, mixed with the feel of travel and the business of city life. It was a perfect way to end our evening on the one weekend I had available this entire wedding season!

Riann & Dalin’s wedding will take place at The Rutledge in downtown Grand Rapids next year! I’m sure it’ll be a beautiful day filled to the brim with genuine love and happiness. I’m so excited for that day to come! Congrats, again!

If you’d like to see how I edited those 2 panoramic images in photoshop, check out my YouTube Video below!

Now back to more photos!


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