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Pictured Rocks Engagement | Liz & Dustin

Pictured Rocks Engagement Session

What happens when a couple who loves the outdoors, exploring new places and is totally fine with a 5+ hour drive outside of Wisconsin to meet you at one of the greatest locations ever? You make it a Pictured Rocks Engagement Session the session of their dreams in Michigan’s Upper Penisula!

That’s right, Liz and Dustin are the kind of outdoorsy people who don’t mind roughing it a little for an epic view. When they reached out to me after Liz discovered me on TikTok, I knew that this session was going to be different than anything else I had come across.

You might know Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore for its high cliffs that overlook a gusty, cold, and extremely deep Lake Superior with unmatched views of beauty, grace, and history but I like to think of this area as one of the great wonders of the world.

As we pulled into the parking area for this particular beach, we were reminded of why Lake Superior is not something you should judge from behind the safety of trees. As we approached the shore, we were greeted with the gusts of winds that easily dropped the summer days’ heat by 10-15 degrees.

We worked with the wind as it blew Liz’s hair and floral dress creating gorgeous dimensions. This particular engagement session really challenged me for hand placement and posing because what would normally work to show off Liz’s diamond ring that Dustin and so carefully picked out wasn’t going to be the same because Liz needed to stand on the other side of Dustin thanks to the wind.

It is during engagement sessions like these that I can feel true creativity come out with posing. I LOVE IT. I know that I was able to show off just how truly in love these two are, how sweet Dustin cares for and holds Liz, how graceful she is even through 10-15 mph winds, and how trusting they are that a crazy photographer like myself was so gleeful as I could see what I was capturing.

It’s through all of this that not only did we capture some of my favorite engagement photos of all time but I know that their wedding day in Green Bay, Wisconsin in next August is going to be amazing!!! I can’t wait to photograph their destination wedding day!

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