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Bay Pointe Inn Wedding | Ashlee & Frankie

Timeless Wedding with Huge Reception Party

Bay Pointe Inn Wedding

On a blissfully warm day, overlooking the crystal clear blue waters of Gun Lake, Ashlee & Frankie’s Bay Pointe Inn wedding was filled with excitement and joy. From the moment I arrived, I could sense the anticipation in the air. Not only was I thrilled to photograph this big day, but it was evident that everyone involved, from the staff and vendors to the enthusiastic fathers and even the boaters enjoying the picturesque day, shared in the excitement.

The day commenced at Bay Pointe Inn with capturing stunning shots of Ashlee’s Becker’s Bridal wedding dress, along with other exquisite details, including their beautifully designed invitations from Why Knot Design by Erica. Meanwhile, in the hotel suite, the talented team of Makeup by Kendra Leigh and hair by Vanity to Vows, LLC were skillfully enhancing the natural beauty of the bridesmaids, ensuring that each one looked absolutely radiant. My second photographer, Alexis, informed me that the guys were having a fantastic time bonding with Frankie at a charming cabin in Bay Pointe Woods.

As the moment drew near for Ashlee and Frankie’s First Touch, instead of a First Look, the strength of their personal resolve not to embrace and catch a glimpse of one another was palpable. Although they had chosen to meet each other down the aisle, their zealous anticipation overwhelmed them both. Their emotions were apparent as they expressed their love and excitement for what their wedding day would look like after this moment.

Shortly thereafter, Ashlee and her father shared a heartfelt First Look, the sun casting its warm glow upon their impeccably dressed family and friends. Then the ceremony began on the scenic shoreline where Frankie’s eyes finally met his beautiful bride. Bathed in sunlight, Ashlee radiated with her father by her side as he proudly escorted her down the aisle. Overwhelmed by love, Frankie’s tears flowed freely, and in that fleeting moment, time seemed to stand still yet fly by in the blink of an eye.

As they exchanged vows, rings, and were able to see their parents and wedding parties positioned on opposite sides, a deeper connection emerged, symbolizing the profound significance of their union. It was a testament to their unwavering commitment to choose one another, day after day, throughout the rest of their lives.

With the conclusion of the ceremony, I captured family portraits and delightful group photos of the entire wedding party, while guests enjoyed the shade of the Lakefront Pavilion and indulged in signature drinks named after the fur babies, Mia & Moose, whose adorable presence added an extra touch of joy to the celebration.

As the reception commenced, the exuberant crowd rivaled the volume of JWill4Real‘s exceptional sound system. The couple was greeted with beaming smiles, and the sentiment of joy reverberated through heartfelt toasts. Ashlee’s two sisters shared endearing childhood stories, Frankie’s best man praised his exceptional qualities, and both fathers warmly welcomed the merging of their families.

True to their party spirit, Ashlee and Frankie stole away for golden hour portraits just as dinner concluded, ensuring that no moment would be later missed. The dance floor came alive with the rhythm of parent dances, followed by the newlyweds’ enchanting first dance. Then, it was JWill’s time to shine, as he skillfully curated a fresh and exhilarating mix that kept everyone on their toes, eagerly awaiting the next surprise. Time seemed to slip away too quickly, and as the night came to a close, the crowd was not yet ready to bid farewell. They showered Ashlee & Frankie one last time with exuberant celebration that surely resonated throughout the entire Bay Pointe Inn.

Please join me in extending heartfelt congratulations to the radiant couple, Ashlee & Frankie, on their unforgettable wedding day at Bay Pointe Inn!


Venue | Bay Pointe Inn

Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

Makeup Artist | Makeup by Kendra Leigh

Hair Stylist | Vanity to Vows LLC

DJ | JWIll4Real

Florals | Ivory & Oak Floral

Wedding Dress | Becker’s Bridal

Suits | Pierre’s Bridal

Officiant | Brooks Wedding Ceremonies

Invitations | Why Not Designs

Cake | Not So Bland Cakes

Ceremony Live Music | Louis Pettinelli

Videographer | Five Twenty-One Photo + Film

2nd Photographer | Alexis Mast Brown Photography

Catering | Bay Pointe Inn

Wedding/Engagement Rings | Kay Jewelers

  1. Burr Becky says:

    Beautiful photography!
    Wonderful ceremony!
    Great party!
    Loving family and friends!
    Exquisite weather!
    Fun! Fun! Fun!


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