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Ivy House Wedding | Brooke & Dan

Ivy House Greenhouse Wedding

Saugatuck, Michigan

On a picturesque summer day, Brooke and Dan exchanged their vows in a truly magical setting. Nestled in the serene ambiance of Ivy House on Blue Star Highway in Saugatuck, Michigan, their wedding day was a delightful celebration of love and unity. From heartfelt moments shared between the couple to breathtaking landscapes that served as a backdrop for their portraits, every detail of this Ivy House wedding was encapsulated with the utmost care and joy.

Every wedding tells a unique story, and Brooke and Dan’s wedding was no exception. It all began with the intricate details that add charm to the occasion. Brooke’s exquisite wedding dress from Becker’s Bridal, featuring a mesmerizing tulle bow on the back, set the tone for a day filled with elegance and grace. From there, the focus shifted to the smaller elements that reflected the couple’s long-distance journey and unwavering love despite the miles between them.

As the wedding party gathered and prepared for the festivities, both Brooke and Dan experienced a mix of excitement and nervousness. While Dan’s energy was palpable, Brooke radiated a calm demeanor with occasional glimpses of happy tears, reflecting her overwhelming love for her soon-to-be husband. It was during these heartfelt moments that Brooke realized the significance of the day, culminating in a powerful decision to embrace a First Look and exchange gifts with Dan. This extraordinary moment captured their deep connection and set the stage for their impending union.

As friends and family arrived at Ivy House, the greenhouse filled with anticipation and joy. Loved ones reunited, while aunts and uncles and friends and loved ones searched for the perfect seats, creating an atmosphere of warmth and togetherness. The time finally came to make their union official in a beautiful ceremony that seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. As Brooke and Dan walked down the aisle, emotions ran high, leaving their cheeks sore from constant smiles.

Before temporarily departing from Ivy House, the couple took the opportunity to capture precious family portraits under the greenhouse’s stunning ceremony arch. This special touch, crafted by Brooke’s parents exclusively for the occasion, complemented the natural beauty of the venue while highlighting the couple’s loved ones. However, being near Lake Michigan, the couple couldn’t resist the allure of the beach. Oval Beach served as a backdrop for a lively gathering of the entire wedding party, resulting in a collection of formal and informal portraits that perfectly captured the couple’s fun-loving spirit.

Returning to Ivy House, Brooke and Dan’s grand entrance ignited the reception with electric excitement. The energy reverberated through the venue as heartfelt toasts were delivered by Brooke’s father, her maid of honor Anna, and Dan’s best man, David. Laughter and tears filled the room as the couple’s journey was recounted, and heartwarming anecdotes brought everyone closer together mixed with a reveal that Brooke was the only one who could convince Dan to watch sports.

As the wedding day drew to a close for my time there, the couple shared precious moments, including a cute cake cutting and their first dances with both their parents and each other. The day culminated with a breathtaking golden hour portrait session, where the natural landscape and the greenhouse provided a surreal backdrop. These final photographs perfectly encapsulated the essence of the day—a celebration of love and a dream come true.

Brooke and Dan’s Ivy House wedding was a testament to the power of love, bringing together cherished friends and family to celebrate the love and joy that permeated Brooke and Dan’s Ivy House wedding was truly unforgettable. From the intimate moments of getting ready to the heartfelt First Look, every instant was filled with pure emotion. The ceremony itself was a beautiful affirmation of their commitment, surrounded by loved ones who celebrated their union with infectious happiness.

Please join me in congratulating these two!


Venue | Ivy House | Weddings & Events

Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

Beach | Oval Beach

Florals | Crystal Springs Florist

Wedding Dress | Becker’s Bridal

Hair & Makeup | Hanna Wagner Design


Brooke’s Wedding Ring | Brilliant Earth

Dan’s Wedding Ring | Blue Nile Diamond

Ring Box | The Mrs Box

Styling Mat | Olive and Oak Mats

2nd Photographer | Nicole Dingman Photography

Suits | Men’s Wearhouse

Cake | The Flour Shop Bakery & Pizza in Stevensville, MI

Invitations | Zazzle

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