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Bay Pointe Inn Wedding | Kelli & Paul

Your own endless blue skies, a lake filled with leisurely pontoon boats and the occasional tuber, a guest list filled with people ready to party and play, and sunshine warming you up from your head to your toes…sounds like a dream right? Welcome to Kelli & Paul’s Bay Pointe Inn wedding day in Shelbyville, Michigan from Friday!

As I started off the day with a few bridal details and seeing Shannon, the venue coordinator for Bay Pointe Inn weddings, I knew this day would go smoothly and we could roll with anything that might happen, the only factor was the heat but everywhere I looked I saw smiles, I saw joy, I heard laughter. Nothing was going to keep people away from celebrating these Kelli & Paul and it was beautiful.

My favorite description of these two came from the Person of Honor, Dell, who spoke about how infectious and joyful Kelli’s laugh is while describing Paul as a “Guitar playing, yoga master, truck driver.” That speech really shared insight into how these two came together and found one another. Paul’s Best Man was a long-time friend who shared stories of Paul’s childhood and how seriously he took relationships in general, but also how much he looked forward to the future with Kelli, Emma, & Adam.

From these two wonderful speeches, Paul then took the mic and shared that this date, June 18, 2021 was the 50th anniversary for his parents. Such a special moment to realize that he and Kelli would be carrying on their love legacy.

While these were some of my favorite sentimental moments, I’m not sure they could be outdone by the dance floor. When Backstreet Boys and N’SYNC came on the speakers from Luxx Entertainment, there wasn’t any extra space on the dance floor! These people know how to Par-TAY!!!!!

So while you scroll through these photos of their Bay Pointe Inn Wedding, I hope you can see how much Kelli & Paul balance each other out, how much their people love them, and how amazing they are!

Happy Scrolling!


Venue | Bay Pointe Inn

DJ | Luxx Entertainment

Main Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

Second Photographer | Get Lucky Photography


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