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Southern Exposure Garden Wedding | Sara & Andy

Southern Exposure Garden Wedding

Walking into a wedding day where the couple’s readiness to embark into marriage is so palpable makes sure that their whole day is an incredible experience. As a wedding photographer, I consider myself lucky to have captured Sara and Andy’s Southern Exposure garden wedding, where nothing could deter their spirits. From Sara’s infectious excitement to Andy’s beaming smile, their special day promised to be a truly memorable affair. Join me as we delve into the highlights of their Southern Exposure garden wedding, filled with love, laughter, and timeless moments.

The day began with photographing the intricate details that showcased the couple’s unique style. Blush pink accents adorned the decor, harmonizing with the lush peonies in Sara’s bouquet, my personal favorite flower. Among these details, custom cuff links from Etsy added a personalized touch for Andy. As I focused on capturing these elements, dark clouds rolled in, signaling an unexpected twist to the day.

Southern Exposure’s enchanting outdoor setting, resembling a vibrant secret garden, is renowned. However, the venue also offers shelter in its white, tented reception area. Utilizing this option, we decided to have Sara and Andy’s first look under the cover of the tent, taking advantage of the rain-drenched atmosphere. With the assistance of Ren, Sara’s maid of honor, we whisked Sara through the downpour, ensuring she could share a special moment with her husband-to-be as Andy waited patiently for her.

As the rain poured outside, it bestowed upon them an unexpected gift. Sara tapped Andy on the shoulder, and their ensuing private exchange of words could only be heard by each other thanks to that rainfall. Witnessing this heartfelt moment, I captured Andy’s teary eyes, Sara’s embrace of him, their laughter, and the pure joy they experienced. The unconventional circumstances added a touch of spontaneity and excitement to the photographs, making it a fun and unforgettable experience.

After the rain subsided, we ventured into the venue’s exquisite gardens for portraits with the wedding party. The genuine care and camaraderie among their friends and family were evident as they radiated positivity and enthusiasm. Everyone effortlessly hyped up Sara and Andy, fostering an atmosphere of love and celebration. These portraits captured the essence of their special bond with the people they chose to stand with them and the shared joy that permeated the day.

Before the ceremony, I captured a few family portraits, capturing the excitement and support from loved ones. As the time for their vows drew near, the anticipation reached its peak. Sara and Andy’s exchange of vows and rings was a beautiful sight, with their genuine love shining through every word and gesture. They excitedly walked down the aisle, marking the beginning of their incredible journey together.

After cocktail hour the grand entrance into the reception hall was a moment filled with energy and excitement, thanks to the exuberant wedding party. The celebrations settled into an intimate ambiance as beautiful toasts were delivered by the best man, Tyler, and maid of honor, Ren. Through their speeches, they provided glimpses into Sara and Andy’s journey, showcasing the growth of their relationship and the love that has flourished over time. The toasts deepened the understanding and appreciation of the couple’s love story, captivating everyone present.

Sara and Andy’s Southern Exposure garden wedding was a testament to their love, resilience, and unyielding joy. Despite the rain, their day was filled with heartwarming moments, genuine laughter, and an abundance of love from their families and friends. It was an honor to capture the essence of their love and the magic of their celebration. Congratulations to Sara and Andy on your beautiful journey as a married couple!


Venue | Southern Exposure Gardens

Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

Hair | Elwell Salon and Spa

Wedding Dress | David’s Bridal

Suit | The Black Tux

Bouquets | Plumeria Botanical Boutique

2nd Photographer | Megan Graham Photography

Invitations | Zazzle

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