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Bay Pointe Woods Wedding | Sarah & Jake

Bay Pointe Woods Wedding

Welcome to a truly joy-filled Bay Pointe Woods wedding, where love, kindness, and genuine happiness were the stars of the day. Join me as we celebrate the beautiful union of Sarah and Jake, a couple that radiates sunshine and love. From special moments to the grand celebration, their wedding day was filled with love, thoughtful details, and unforgettable memories.

As the day began, smiles filled the air as a sprinkling of family and friends got ready at the charming cabins of Bay Pointe Woods. The attention to detail was evident, from the carefully crafted invitation suite from The Knot to the exquisite wedding rings from Copper & Binkley Jewelers and the delightful florals by Bouquets by Stacy. Sarah and Jake had thoughtfully prepared every aspect of their wedding to ensure their loved ones felt comfortable and taken care of while everyone was also looking their best.

Amid the excitement, I captured the precious moments of Sarah as she shared a first look with her bridesmaids and her father before seeing Jake. Her proclamation of wanting to see him immediately filled the air with anticipation. The magical first look was a moment tailor-made for them, where time seemed to stand still, and their eyes met with pure joy. Jake couldn’t help but twirl Sarah around, savoring every detail of her stunning gown from The White Dress, complemented perfectly by her hair and makeup done by Hanna Wagner Design. These intimate moments set the tone for the rest of the day, reminding us of the true essence of love and connection.

As I photographed the couple together, it was evident that they had found their person. Their love burst before my lens, reminding me why I became a wedding photographer—to capture the genuine connection between couples like Sarah and Jake. The joy continued as their wedding party joined in, and later their immediate families, for formal and fun poses, creating more beautiful memories before the ceremony.

As Sarah walked down the aisle, escorted by her father, Jake’s breath was taken away again, and it felt like he was seeing her anew in that moment. Their eyes locked throughout the ceremony, and the crowd erupted in cheers as they sealed their ceremony with a dip in the middle of the aisle. It was a true testament to the love they share and the joy they bring to those around them.

After, cocktail hour buzzed with laughter and camaraderie, as guests enjoyed each other’s company in the picturesque setting of Bay Pointe Woods. The grand entrance kicked off the celebration, followed by heartfelt speeches from Sarah’s father, Maid of Honor, and Jake’s Best Man, celebrating the wonderful individuals that Sarah and Jake are, both separately and as a couple.

The pinnacle of the evening arrived when Jake took the mic to deliver a touching speech. He expressed his gratitude to everyone for being a part of their special day, thanked their parents for shaping them into the people they are, and joyfully declared his favorite title yet: ‘The best title I’ve ever received is being called husband.’

With Jake’s heartfelt words, the atmosphere ignited into a jubilant celebration. The dance floor glowed with the vibrant energy of glow sticks as DJ Guy Voss ensured the party never stopped. The reception was a perfect blend of mingling, dancing, laughter, and chatter as the couple joyfully greeted their guests and joined the dance floor again and again.

Sarah and Jake’s Bay Pointe Woods wedding was a tapestry of love, laughter, and cherished memories. Their celebration showcased the beauty of two souls coming together as one, surrounded by the warmth and support of their loved ones. This glimpse into their special day serves as a reminder of the boundless happiness that love brings.


Venue | Bay Pointe Woods

Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

Wedding Planner | Page Wedding & Event Planning

Florals | Bouquets by Stacy

Hair & Makeup Artist | Hanna Wagner Design

DJ | DJ Guy Voss

2nd Photographer | Megan Graham Photography

Wedding Dress | The White Dress

Suits | Brighton Tux Shop

Wedding Rings | Copper & Binkley Jewelers

Cake | The Cakabakery


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