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Southern Exposure Garden Wedding | Chelsea & Dylan

Southern Exposure Garden Wedding

In the charming city of Battle Creek, Michigan, Chelsea and Dylan embarked on a journey to celebrate their love in an enchanting garden-themed wedding at Southern Exposure. This picturesque venue provided the perfect backdrop for their intimate ceremony, filled with blooming flowers, graceful monarch butterflies, and the warmth of their favorite people. Join us as we recount the captivating moments of Chelsea and Dylan’s wedding day, infused with anticipation, love, and joy.

As I arrived at Southern Exposure Gardens, the atmosphere was palpable with anticipation. Not nerves, but an overwhelming sense that this day had been eagerly awaited by Chelsea and Dylan. Their excitement radiated through the air, as if time had both stood still and rushed forward all at the same time, bringing them closer to this cherished moment.

Amidst the bustle of preparations, Chelsea remained calm while getting her hair and makeup done by Studio810 by Sam Lee. Engaging in conversations with her bridesmaids, flower girls, and mother, she relished every moment leading up to her First Look with her *almost* husband. Meanwhile, Dylan proudly guided his groomsmen through the gardens, ensuring they familiarized themselves with the ceremony and reception locations. Both Chelsea and Dylan were brimming with anticipation for what lay ahead.

With their final touches on and in place, the time had come for Chelsea and Dylan to see each other for the first time on their wedding day. As Chelsea walked towards Dylan, it was evident that he had been holding his breath, eagerly awaiting this transformative moment. As they finally embraced and saw one another, time seemed to pause, allowing them to revel in the sheer joy of being in each other’s presence. Chelsea in her gorgeous wedding gown from Becker’s Bridal and Dylan in his custom suit from Indochino. After savoring this intimate moment, they read their personal vows, solidifying their commitment to one another without the rest of the world listening in. These vows are just for them to share for the rest of their lives together.

Following their private exchange, I had the privilege of capturing stunning portraits of the couple throughout the gardens, their exuberant wedding party also joined the fun, and beloved family members were captured all before the ceremony. By allowing ample time for these portraits before the ceremony, Chelsea and Dylan ensured they could truly relax and enjoy the festivities alongside their loved ones later on.

While the rest of the day seemed to pass in a blur, the couple’s ceremony held a profound stillness. As I looked through my camera lens, I witnessed the ticking of time slow down for Chelsea and Dylan. Every moment, from their heartfelt vows to the exchange of rings, was enveloped in beauty and genuine emotion. The authenticity of their love radiated, leaving an indelible imprint on the hearts of everyone present.

With their marriage officially solemnized, it was time for the celebration to commence. The air was filled with the melody of laughter and animated conversations as guests enjoyed cocktail hour. The lively atmosphere spilled over onto the dance floor, where Hawaiian shirts, exuberant spins, and surprised expressions created an unforgettable ambiance.

Capturing the essence of Chelsea and Dylan’s wedding day was an absolute pleasure. Their love unfolded against the backdrop of Southern Exposure’s natural splendor, weaving a tale of anticipation, devotion, and joy. I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into their enchanting celebration, which embodied the beauty of nature and the warmth of cherished relationships they have with one another and everyone else!


Venue | Southern Exposure Gardens

Main Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

Hair & Makeup | Studio810 by Sam Lee

Wedding Dress | Becker’s Bridal

Groom’s Suit | Indochino

Groomsmen Suits | The Black Tux

2nd Photographer | Hannah Jo Watkins Photography

Florals | Plumeria Botanical Boutique

Earrings and Hairpiece | Dareth Colburn

Bracelet and Necklace | Olive & Piper

All Wedding Rings | Medawar Jewelers

Cake | The Cake Shop at Firekeepers Casino Hotel

Cupcakes | All In The Batter Bakery


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