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South Haven Michigan Engagement | Gabi & Ryan

South Haven Michigan Engagement

Experience the enchantment of South Haven, Michigan with Ryan and Gabi during their romantic, beach engagement session. This picturesque beach town holds a special place in Ryan’s heart, making it the ideal location for their romantic photo shoot just a few days before Memorial Day, right before the summer tourist season kicks off. Join me while I share the magic of their love on a beautiful sunny day!

Ryan eagerly wanted to share one of Michigan’s hidden gems with Gabi – a place he has cherished since childhood. South Haven, Michigan, with its quaint and charming appeal, provided the perfect backdrop for their engagement session. The couple planned their photoshoot just before Memorial Day, ensuring they had this idyllic beach town almost entirely to themselves, basking in the warmth of the sun.

Our adventure commenced with a delightful portrait session downtown. Against iconic backdrops in South Haven, Ryan and Gabi’s connection was effortlessly captured, reflecting the joy and laughter they share. The stroll through the picturesque streets of downtown allowed for fun moments full of laughter to be caught through my lens.

Next, we ventured to South Beach, where the golden rays of sunshine illuminated them, creating a mesmerizing glow. Amidst this breathtaking setting, we found my favorite dune – a versatile location offering a variety of backdrops. The couple was able to escape from the world for a moment, savoring the feeling of being on top of the world, surrounded only by the serenity of nature.

As I eagerly await the wedding of Ryan and Gabi at The Lit in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan this September, their engagement session in South Haven remains a cherished memory. I hope you consider creating your own unforgettable moments in this charming beach town.


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