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South Haven Beach Engagement | Abby & Ivan

South Haven Beach Engagement

Have you ever met a couple that isn’t afraid to laugh at themselves and you constantly feel like you need to have your camera ready for all of their cute candid moments? Ok, maybe I got a little too specific there but truthfully, Abby & Ivan might just be the couple that will fill up all of my memory cards because of the way how they naturally are with one another. Welcome to this extra wonderful South Haven beach engagement session!

Like most of my couples, they’re in this relationship together. The wedding planning process is no real exception. Sure, someone might do more of it but each comes to the table to make contributions, share ideas, offer support, and ultimately ensure that their wedding day will be about the two of them while bringing together the best of the best to help them celebrate. 

During their engagement session, we started at the iconic Red Lighthouse at South Beach. Again, I will forever emphasize this, I love South Beach more than North Beach with its conveniently free parking after 6 pm, the smooth and breathtaking drive from downtown, and of course, the versatility of the lighthouse pier, and the beach, and the sand dunes. 

We used the lighthouse and the pier as it’s a bit easier to walk on thanks to the cement to learn a few poses. Afterward, we moved right over to the sand dunes that allowed us more privacy so I could get more intimate portraits for them without them feeling self-conscious about everyone watching. For example, everyone that I’ve photographed knows that kissing on camera isn’t normal so not everyone feels entirely comfortable showing that level of affection and in a way that is made to photograph well in front of complete strangers. Truly, I love all of their portraits, but I lot of my favorites are from when we were on the sand dunes and you truly see these two relax. 

I was so happy these two chose South Haven’s beach for their engagement session because of its uniqueness that most other states simply don’t get. We have the best sunsets on this side of Lake Michigan which you’ll notice as it gave them that gorgeous Golden Hour glow and this destination really allows my couples love to be the star of all of my photographs.

I personally loved the way these two lean into one another naturally, trusted me with my posing ideas,  and our conversation while moving from spot to spot was delightful. They’re getting married at Record Box Loft in October so to have them in front of the camera before then ensures that I know which poses they’ll like best, how we need to make sure I capture a lot of in-between candid moments they’ll have, and it just honestly gets me excited to photograph them again!

Check back here for when I post about their beautiful wedding day in mid-October!

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