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Las Vegas Wedding | Taylor & Dylan

Las Vegas Wedding at Emerald at Queensridge

Let’s just paint the picture of this Las Vegas wedding day so you know what you’ll be seeing as you continue to scroll through this small glimpse at Taylor and Dylan’s wedding photos. Firstly, let’s move off the strip with its own craziness of flashing lights and never-ending entertainment options. No, that’s not where we’re going. We’re going to a place where you’ll see palm trees and mountains and you’ll feel the shared connection of a close-knit family and group of friends who were determined to make this day the best possible with a couple equally as dedicated to their loved ones being all together under one desert sky.

Truly, with this wedding day comes a new day of marriage for a wonderful couple and my last of 2022. When Taylor first reached out to me after having found me on TikTok, I was a little skeptical about photographing a wedding in Vegas. It’s not exactly one of my top 10 must-see destinations but any second-guessing I was doing quickly disappeared when I met Taylor and Dylan.

The biggest area they focused on for their wedding day was the togetherness of their family and closest friends as they expressed that those that were invited were of the utmost importance to them. Well that, and the mountains that had defined their childhood surroundings. Because of this, we had to figure out a way to make it happen while also showcasing just how crazy, over the top in love with one another Taylor and Dylan are. 

I knew that we’d be for a few surprises that day, I mean, this is a Las Vegas wedding after all so it only feels right to expect the unexpected. But in true, Taylor fashion, she surprised everyone with a light blue jumpsuit and bridal cape fit for queen Elsa herself, you’ll also see Matt, Taylor’s father, officiating the ceremony, and the sun setting at 4-dang-that’s-early-30 pm.

As Nicole (my second photographer and Vegas expert for the weekend) and I began the day, the Beauty by Nikki P and Shay of Fuse MGT were in full swing finishing up Taylor’s Smokey eye glam look and bridesmaids, brother of honor, and family bustled around to find all the pieces needed for their attire. I loved seeing the blue sapphire pop in Taylor’s engagement ring, knowing that Dylan had painstakingly looked at all the options to ensure she would love it. We saw her bridal cowgirl boots and did I mention she had a bridal CAPE?!?!?! Yes! I was geeked out about it!

It was as we all were getting ready to leave Suncoast Hotel and Casino that it seemed to really hit Taylor as this moment would be one that I know she’s been so excited and yet slightly nervous about as the big emotions that come with seeing the love of your life for the first time of your wedding day can bring. Yes, we’re going right into what it was like for Taylor and Dylan to see one another for the first time on their wedding day!

As she approached, it was like you could see Dylan bracing himself, trying not to steal a quick glance back. It was once Taylor tapped him on the should that it seemed like neither could hold it in anymore. I watched as each embraced open another, almost like not believing their own luck at having someone so right for them standing there in front of them with open arms. They each caressed each other’s cheeks at one point and I saw those giggles they reserve just for each other. Like a secret bond was created nearly 10 years ago and is shared only between them.

As they stole that moment with just the two of them, we rounded up their wedding party who were beaming with grins of excitement as they all lined up. They were people ready to party and hug this couple and get all the things done in the mountains so we could all enjoy their after-sunset ceremony later.

After the fun of the wedding party, we got immediate family photos done and before we knew it, it was time to take Taylor and Dylan on a little bit of an adventure. Calico Basin was a small but mighty hill that Taylor and Dylan thankfully were willing to hike up, Taylor evening ensuring that she had hiking boots with her so she could rock her white cowgirl boots in perfect style at the top. The wind worked so well with us for Taylor’s bridal cape and while I know I keep mentioning the mountains, truly they were outshined. If you’ve ever seen a love story, you know it was modeled after couples like these two. The looks that they only give to one another, and the giggles shared their complete comfort in one another. Ugh, I could write a whole novel about it.

But… I do have to get on to other parts of the day.

So yes, we had to move away from the mountains because these two had a whole lotta people getting ready to watch them walk down the aisle at Emerald at Queensridge, a top-ranked Las Vegas wedding venue!

The sun had set and the aisle was light with twinkle lights as Dylan, their pup, the wedding party, parents, and finally, Taylor and her father walked down the aisle with all guests watching. As Matt, Taylor’s father began the ceremony, you could feel the crowd relax into their seats for the show. Taylor ‘dusting’ off her vows, Dylan’s steadfast and trustworthy promises, and the little personal jokes made, all came together seamlessly.

Before I knew it, they were talking down the aisle fisting pumping, and excited to start the real party! Before we got into the dancing though, each of the wedding party spoke a few words about the couple. EACH. It was incredible to see 8 different speeches.

From the formalities, it was on to the real entertainment, the dancing! A little country, a little pop, and a whole lot of bass filled the dance floor as people twirled, grooved, and made up their own moves! What a night I’m sure it turned out to be!

I hope you enjoyed scrolling through and seeing this couple’s wedding day because it was certainly THE best way to end 2022! Congrats you two and happy many many years to come!


Wedding Venue | Emerald at Queensridge

Main Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

Hair Stylist | Shay of Fuse MGT

Makeup Artist | Beauty by Nikki P

Getting Ready Venue | Suncoast Hotel and Casino

2nd Photographer | Nicole Dingman Photography


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