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Wedding! | Elyse & Phillip | Lake Michigan Beach Wedding

Endless skies, blue waters lapping at the shoreline, sandy beaches, a bluff that your brother held for your ceremony for 6 straight hours, and sunshine warming you up from your head to your toes… Sounds like a dream Lake Michigan beach wedding, right? Well, that was the recipe for Elyse and Phillip’s wedding held at Windsnest Park West Olive near Holland, Michigan right on a Lake Michigan beach. Obviously, it was a deliriously perfect, photo-worthy day but it wasn’t a perfectly easy path to get there as Covid-19 threw their big wedding plans upside down.

When their plans took yet another change with the new Covid Executive Order, Elyse & Phillip made a swift change to have their ceremony at the beach and then a larger celebration next year. They’ve waited for so long to get married so nothing was going to change that.

As we switched around their timeline, Elyse came up with the idea of going to The 205 Coffee Bar in Downtown Holland for their First Look! I can’t tell you how much I loved this idea! This was a great idea because the mural on the side of The 205 Coffee Bar was going to be completely secluded and with their giant floral mural, it was going to be beautiful for them!

Even through all of the changes in what they originally thought their wedding day would look like, then navigating through a completely different day, to finally ending up where they did on Sunday…you wouldn’t have any idea that it was Plan C. You would have thought everything worked out perfectly.

My only question now is… when can we go back?! But seriously, congratulations Elyse and Phillip! May your future be filled with beaches and days as glorious as your Lake Michigan beach wedding was! I’m looking forward to your reception next August at Baker Lofts!

  1. Tommy Sailor says:

    Absolutely stunning! Congratulations to the Yikes!

  2. Deb Divine says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. DMoney says:

    You are stunning and shining and I love you! Here’s to all your future happiness!

  4. Colleen Quinn says:

    Congrats! These pictures are beautiful! We are so happy for you both!


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