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Downtown Grand Rapids Engagement | Kyle & Zach

Downtown Grand Rapids Engagement

When you first meet Kyle, you realize that she’s got a light in her that brings joy and compassion and care to every room she’s in. And then when you meet Zach, you realize that he’s the kind of guy that is laid back and yet will jump at any change let her light to shine bright. You can also tell that Kyle is the one that brings Zach the most joy. What could be better for a Downtown Grand Rapids engagement session than that?!?!

It’s easy to see how these two are so compatible and really in love with one another through the way they laugh with one another, will always have extra kisses available for Kobe, and will go the extra mile for one another.

Speaking of Kobe, I’m not sure I’ve ever met more of a sweetheart puppy. He might be up there in age but he is extra loved and cared for by his humans. Unfortunately, he will not be able to be physically present for their wedding day at New Vintage Place but trust me, I’m sure he’ll make an appearance somewhere!

During their engagement session, Kyle had a gorgeous blue, flowy dress which I always love for the city because it has so much versatility with elegance and casual grace. It was flowing in the winds that you get downtown by the river and kept its classic elegance as we used the Civic Auditorium and parking garage locations! Both Kyle and Zach made sure that their outfits were perfect and went along with what I had recommended for styles and colors in my engagement style guide!

I learned so much about their big day and what these two are hoping for. I’m certain that as we continue to plan out their timeline and other details, I’ll be able to help them have that happy, light, and party time while also still ensuring they have quieter moments for just the two of them! Stay tuned for when I share their wedding day next August!


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