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Downtown Chicago Engagement | Micaela & Kylie

Downtown Chicago Engagement

The Wrigley Building on Michigan Ave

Downtown Chicago is known for its iconic skyline but what happens when you find a couple with that giggly happiness and joy while also enduring a chilly late November day? You get the perfect combination for a couple like Micaela and Kylie! I hope you enjoy their downtown Chicago engagement session!

Kylie found me on TikTok and the rest is history! Just kidding of course, Kylie actually reached out to me to simply say hello after I mentioned being an inclusive wedding photographer on TikTok. What she didn’t know was that her fiancé, Micaela, would sneakily reach out to me as well to photograph her proposing to Kylie! That’s a different story though for a different day.

Basically, I knew a lot about a lot from the very beginning and I also know a whole lot about their future wedding! While I am extremely excited to photograph their wedding day in March at the Ritz Charles in Indianapolis, I got the honor to photograph their engagement session in downtown Chicago in-between it all! We chose the Wrigley Building for its iconic Chicago skyline views on Michigan Ave. The couple has traveled near and far and has lived in several different states. They fell in love with Chicago and wanted that for engagement photos so away I traveled!

Because we were here in November, it was rather chilly outside. That can be both a good thing and a bad thing. It means more cuddling is preferred while also allowing you a different styled look for your engagement photos but also, when you take your coat off, it can unfortunately be quite cold.

We warmed up in-between outfits at Ghirardelli’s which I highly recommend. Grabbing a hot chocolate and warming your hands while also having access to a nicer bathroom to change clothing in was more ideal that I could have thought!

Also, because it was November, we got to enjoy the giant Christmas Tree at the Wrigley Building. This was a beautiful way to capture a little fun and the connection that Micaela and Kylie share. Their laughter was contagious and I am not sure I have ever smiled that much during an engagement session.

These two can easily make you feel like you are all best friends and I cannot wait to see how the unfurls on their wedding day! I am certain it is going to be one of my all time favorites! Check back here to see their wedding day!


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