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Chicago Winter Engagement | Jamie & Brad

Chicago Suburb Winter Engagement Session

For those of you that might not know, I’m not a huge winter person. I’m not a fan of the snow, the cold, the driving conditions, etc. And yet, what can really make me fall in love with this time of year in the Midwest is an amazing couple, an epic red dress, and an area that I love. Welcome to Jamie and Brad’s Chicago suburb winter engagement session!!!!

When Jamie contacted me with her vision for their engagement session, we originally had several ideas. Maybe something with planes to highlight Brad’s love of aviation…perhaps an outdoor park, etc. Whatever it was, she had an idea of Brad looking sleek in a black velvet jacket, herself in a long, elegant red gown, and a truly classic vision of pristine love.

As she sent over images for inspiration, we settled on the outdoor portraits because unfortunately, the aviation idea wasn’t working out. I did some research and found Morton Arboretum Visitor Center located near them in one of Chicago’s many suburbs. We would have access to tall evergreens, sparkling snow, and yes, about 9 degrees in temperature.

We had to make the time we were outside quick. Luckily, these two are masters of posing and twirling and walking and running! They took direction quite well so we were able to be outside for little spurts of time and then back into our warm vehicles to prepare for the next round.

We were able to catch that impossible to predict, beautiful winter golden hour light that you only get about 3 o’clock in the afternoon. As you might notice, anything in the winter here in the Midwest tends to just show us clouds. So having this sunlight really made their engagement session even more magical.

From the magic of the black velvet black suit coat and the elegant red ballgown to something more fun that really showed off their playful side as we used a sled from Brad’s grandma and have a snowball fight! It was in this playfulness that you can truly see how much fun these two have in each other’s company!

I can’t wait for their wedding day at Brengman Brothers Winery in Traverse City in August!


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