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Beach Proposal | Ricky & Nisha | Traverse City, Michigan

Proposals take a lot of planning because you want that moment to be perfect for that special someone and it is a big commitment. When Ricky reached out to me, he asked if would photograph his Traverse City beach proposal. He wanted to plan a special moment for his girlfriend in a place that they had never been to before, beautiful Traverse City, Michigan!

When Ricky reached out, we looked for a place that was secluded as per his request and when you’ve got a place like Mission Point Lighthouse just a half hour drive from downtown Traverse City, it’s a little slice of pure Michigan magic that I personally think is just made for a proposal.

Now, you might be asking, who are Nisha & Ricky? Well, they might be one of the most adorable couples ever. For his proposal, he brought the tequila from their trip to Mexico that they had never opened because they were saving it for a special occasion (aka, what better time than now). They’re currently in a bit of a long distance relationship and yet, they make it work every single weekend. 

As is with any proposal, there is so much planning that goes into things. From buying the perfect ring, to telling the right people, to keeping this secret for months, to finding a photographer to capture the moment, and not to mention all of the nerves of actually asking the love of your life! I don’t care how certain you are, there are always nerves when popping the big question. Before proposing, Ricky was shaking a bit from nerves, but afterwards, I don’t think he and Nisha stopped smiling once. Literally.

I believe Traverse City, or really anywhere on Lake Michigan, can be a beautiful for location for a beach proposal if you can plan things out correctly! You see a bit of the lake at its best, go out for a nice dinner afterward, and of course, enjoy the new rush and fun of being engaged!

So for now, I’ll stop going on and on about how much I love photographing Traverse City beach proposals and then being able to do a mini engagement session afterward, while my couples go about their merry ways to tell everyone they know.

Cheers & CONGRATS again Nisha & Ricky enjoy the life of being fiancés!! I believe that correct term is #engagedaf because these two are Couple Goals for everyone!



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