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bridal details checklist

Wedding Wednesday | Bridal Details Checklist | Free Download

bridal details checklist

Hello hello! The title of this blog post should give you a pretty good idea that I am giving you a Free Downloadable Checklist because there are a lot of special items that I have photographed over the years for my SP Couples and these are those little items that most of your guests might not know about but will mean the world to you.

Your Bridal Details are the perfect way for you to start utilizing your wedding photographer on your big day while you’re getting your hair & makeup finished.


  1. Well because as your photographer, I want to be able to see these details and get a good feel for how your entire day will look. Yes, I know that we’ve already talked all about this but seeing these items in person, really helps! It’s actually a practice I do to train my eye that day to see more of those types of details throughout your wedding décor.
  2. His details are just as important! Seriously, guys often get passed over for details but I’ve seen men get beautiful engraved watches, fun socks because he just wanted to, and custom cufflinks. Why should his details be any less important? Hint-they’re not!
  3. Those special items like the handkerchief from your grandmother, the part of a blue shirt your grandpa’s shirt used to wear that you’ve had sewn in to your dress, the painting your sister your made for your invitation suite, the Chanel necklace that you’ve already told your girls they one of them will have on their own wedding day. I don’t even know all of the sentimental value to each of these items but you sure do! Let’s work together to give them all their own spotlight!

Ok, enough of the chit chat, let’s get you the free download!


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