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St. Joseph, Michigan Beach Wedding | Courtney & Mike

When I asked Mike what he was most excited for about his St. Joseph, Michigan Beach Wedding, we were on our way to their First Look. I expected him to talk about the day, looking forward to dancing the night away as I know that these two are quite the party animals at wedding receptions, especially Shannon & Rich’s last year. Or perhaps he might talk about saying their vows to one another, which they both made us laugh and cry for. Or, the literal event we were 2 minutes from, again, their First Look. Instead, he answered was simply, “When all this is said and done and we get to be together. I’m just looking forward to being married.”

I took mental note of that as I drove, reflecting on the simplicity of the answer, but the meaningfulness behind it. To be married to the love of his life and let me tell you, it showed, it gushed, it came bursting out of his smile. Not to worry because Courtney’s excitement and love matched his as she continued to beam at him with pride and joy. These two could not complete each other more. 

So even as the sky threatened rain and as the wedding day stress came about, at no point was I concerned about this day being remarkable. It couldn’t have been anything less than remarkable because it was about Courtney and Mike, celebrating their love, becoming husband and wife, and sharing that with their closest friends and family.

So, before I go any further, let’s back up the day a bit because there were more shining moments here that I simply cannot look over. From being personally adopted into the family during the rehearsal dinner, to being reminded that I often have Courtney & Mike do mildly sketchy things for photographs like dance in the middle of street in Chicago or cross through a sign that states no one beyond this point so they can walk on the pier in St. Joe, to their vows that made me and everyone there both laugh and cry, to the crazy awesome dance moves of everyone, to the sheer amount of effort and love put in by all family and friends to make sure this day went as best it could for this couple. Seriously, I can’t say this enough, you all are incredible!

Now, let’s begin the fun before I get too mushy gushy because there will be plenty of time for that later! For now, I just want to show you exactly what how perfect this St. Joseph, Michigan Wedding truly was!

Congratulations again Courtney & Mike!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this St. Joseph, Michigan Beach Wedding as much as I have!


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