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Silver Lake Beach Wedding | Taylor & Brandon

Silver Lake Beach Wedding

Little Sable Lighthouse Mears, Michigan

Taylor and Brandon’s Silver Lake Beach Wedding in Mears, Michigan, was a dreamy affair filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. As their photographer, I had the privilege of capturing their special day, which took place on a picturesque sunny day. From the tender moments of preparation to the joyous celebration that followed, every detail of their wedding was infused with love and happiness. Join me as I recount the highlights of Taylor and Brandon’s wedding, showcasing the beauty of their bond against the breathtaking backdrop of Silver Lake Beach and Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

The day began with a flurry of anticipation as Taylor and Brandon readied themselves separately at an Airbnb. Taylor’s excitement radiated through the air as she was assisted by her mother and sister, carefully slipping into her stunning Azazie wedding gown. Meanwhile, Brandon was surrounded by his best man, groomsmen, and father, who provided unwavering support and excitement. The anticipation grew as each of them prepared for their long-awaited union, their eagerness palpable.

At a secluded private beach, Taylor and Brandon shared a magical first look. As Brandon made his way through the small sand dunes, he greeted well-wishers with infectious joy, Taylor watched from a distance until he was far enough ahead. When they shared their First Look and locked eyes, their smiles spoke volumes. Taylor’s gentle touch on Brandon’s shoulder brought them closer, igniting an immediate embrace filled with tenderness.

We then moved to have the backdrop of crystal-clear blue waters and the gentle shoreline of Lake Michigan, we captured stunning portraits that reflected the love and radiance emanating from this beautiful couple. With the beach as our canvas, Taylor’s tulle added a touch of drama to the images, perfectly complementing the ethereal setting. Their happiness was infectious, and every photograph exuded the genuine love they shared. Time seemed to pass all too quickly, and we soon gathered the wedding party for both lighthearted and formal portraits. Amidst the laughter of Taylor and Brandon’s parents, we captured the essence of their joyous union.

As the sun began its descent, we moved to their ceremony location at Little Sable Lighthouse. Taylor and Brandon stood before their loved ones, ready to exchange their vows. With the assistance of My Barefoot Wedding, the ceremony proceeded flawlessly. The heartfelt emotions in that moment were particularly significant for me as a photographer, as I knew these were the memories Taylor and Brandon would cherish for a lifetime. After the ceremony, we embarked on a series of family portraits, basking in the warm glow of the setting sun.

Following the formalities, Taylor and Brandon’s reception began with an exhilarating applause as they took their first dance as newlyweds. The celebration continued with delectable wedding food that left everyone craving for more. Parent dances, the cutting of the cake, and emotional toasts added a touch of sentimentality to the night. Then, the dance floor opened up, and the evening transformed into a lively and joyous affair. Capturing the energy and

euphoria on the dance floor was an absolute delight. The laughter, the twirls, and the pure happiness radiating from Taylor and Brandon and their loved ones created an electric atmosphere. It was a privilege to capture every moment of the celebration, from the heartfelt speeches to the energetic dance moves. As I look back on Taylor and Brandon’s wedding day, I am filled with gratitude for being a part of such a remarkable occasion.

Please join me in celebrating Taylor and Brandon’s Silver Lake Beach Wedding! The breathtaking beauty of the location, coupled with the genuine joy shared by all, made it an unforgettable day! Congratulations again you two!


Ceremony | Little Sable Point Lighthouse

Main Photographer | Stephanie Parshall Photography, LLC

Ceremony Coordinators & Officiant | My Barefoot Wedding

Reception Coordinator | Champagne Honey Events

Flowers | Lings Moment

HMUA | Wildflower Spa Co

Wedding Dress | Azazie

Suits | Mens Wearhouse

2nd Photographer | Little Shutter Bug Studio, LLC

Earrings and Bracelets | Brilliant Earth 

Wedding Bands | The Modern Gents

DJ | JoeDeeJay


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