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Provin Trails Winter Engagement | Annie & Joe

Provin Trails Winter Engagement

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Winter can be a magical time of year, especially for couples who love the crisp air and the snowy scenery. Annie and Joe are one such couple, and when they approached me to capture their winter engagement session, I knew just the place to take them – Provin Trails.

Located just a short drive north of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, Provin Trails is a beautiful natural area that offers a range of trails for hikers and cross-country skiers. With its dense forest and bright winter scenery, it was the perfect location for Annie and Joe’s engagement shoot.

As we arrived at the park, Annie and Joe were all smiles and excitement. They were both bundled up in warm coats and scarves, and they couldn’t wait to explore the trails and take in the winter scenery. As we made our way up a few of the trails, we found ourselves surrounded by towering trees covered in snow. The light filtering through the branches created a magical atmosphere, and Annie and Joe couldn’t stop smiling as they walked hand in hand along the trail.

Having this little bit of sunlight really made the difference to keep their photos bright, especially when winter is not always friendly to us in the winter. We got to watch some of the snow fall from the tall branches while also showing off how chic Annie and Joe looked in their winter coats. It was like they had a third outfit on!

Looking ahead to their wedding next year, I am SO excited to photograph their wedding day at Quail Ridge Golf Club in Ada. Make sure to check back here year next summer to see their wedding blog!


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